Damn, Look at This Huge Explosion

Sam Biddle · 02/25/15 06:08PM

Damn. Look at this. Yesterday a Stafford Township, New Jersey house filled with gas from a broken main, and then exploded. God damn. Look at this mother blow. It's a freaking big explosion, from gas.

Fireworks Factory Catches Fire, Explodes, Knocks Guy on Ass

Jay Hathaway · 01/06/15 05:40PM

"One person sustained minor injuries and several roads were closed" in Granada, Colombia, the BBC reports, which is the BBC's way of saying "Holy fucking shit, a fireworks factory caught fire, setting off hundreds of fireworks at once in an explosion that knocked this local TV cameraman on his ass."

Will the Entourage Movie Be Epic or Dope? A Data-Focused Investigation

Dayna Evans · 01/05/15 02:56PM

It's barely been three weeks since the trailer for the forthcoming Entourage movie premiered right before our thirsty eyes, but it's already raised many important questions: Will Vinny make the movie? Will Turtle get to fuck female MMA champion Ronda Rousey? Will Ari's heart finally explode from an anger-related spaz attack? But the most essential question of them all has thus far remained unanswered: Will the Entourage movie be epic, or dope? We've done a deep dive on the data to find out.

Holy Shit, All the Fireworks Went Off at Once

Jay Hathaway · 11/14/14 01:15PM

This video, shot earlier this year in Italy and uploaded today by a pyrotechnics enthusiast, shows what happens when an entire fireworks display accidentally goes up at once. To sum up: Holy shit. You'll want to turn the volume down a little bit for this one.

This Cake Comes With Exploding Airbag Stuffing

Brian Barrett · 12/08/10 09:04AM

There are pranks, and then there are pranks that could cause irreparable bodily harm. Hiding an airbag under layers of goopy cake frosting and exploding it in your friend's face is definitely the latter. It's also really fun!


Hamilton Nolan · 03/19/09 10:29AM

[An undersea volcano erupts six miles off the coast of Tonga yesterday, awesomely. Pic via Getty. Click to enlarge.]