Who made blowjobs legal in California? Willie Brown did

Paul Boutin · 02/14/08 06:20PM

It's hip to hate former mayor Willie Brown in San Francisco. How stupid. "Da Mayor" is far too smart, too charming and too awesomely impressive at political hardball to dismiss over a few foibles. The guy makes Machiavelli look like a wuss. My Slate pal Jack Shafer has noted Brown's nearly freakish IQ among dimbulb politicians. My wife says he's as sharp a dancer as he is a dresser. And oh yeah, he also passed some of California's key civil rights legislation. Basic Brown is his new memoir, cowritten with local gossip writer P.J. Corkery. The book contains this first-person account of how Brown and future martyr George Moscone tricked the California state senate into voting to abolish laws that banned common sex acts — straight, gay or otherwise. Good thing they had a helicopter handy.