George R.R. Martin Sets the Record Straight: "Boobies, Not Weenies"

Jay Hathaway · 07/28/14 04:10PM

George R.R. Martin claims he hasn't seen the episodes of South Park he appeared in last winter, but he's heard his character is "obsessed about weenies," and he wants to make one thing very clear: Weenies are fine, but it's boobies he's truly obsessed with.

PSA for all da Laaaadies from the NYPD: You Can Go Topless in Public

Caity Weaver · 05/15/13 03:30PM

As temperatures continue to skyrocket into the low to mid-sixties up and down the East Coast, many beautiful and strange-looking women will soon find themselves faced with the eternal conundrum of summer: how to deal with a too-hot boob. Luckily for some, the NYPD is here to remind us that anything goes in New Boob City! Whip off that top. Wipe off that top-colored body paint. Awkwardly unhook that bra with one hand unless the hook is stuck in which case pull it over your head but be careful not to stretch it. You cannot be detained, arrested, or fined for going topless in public in New York.

Like Boobs? This Music Video's for You

Matt Cherette · 06/23/10 01:45PM

"Get up on these breasts!" sings the voluptuous Amy Douglas in the music video for "bOObies," a new song by NYC synth-pop/electronica group The Kiki Twins. If you like bright lights, synthesized beats and cleavage (duh), this one's for you.

At Last, Baked Beans Will Give You Access To Strippers

Jen · 11/15/07 02:50PM

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means it's time for us to think about helping those less fortunate than ourselves, and to plan our next trip to Scores. And now, thanks to the storied club's "Cans for Cans" program, we can ease our conscience and look at boobies at the same time. Between now and November 21, just show up at Scores (either location!) with a can of beans or a box of cereal or Saltines or whatever (plus the printout thing from their site!) and you get in for free.

Cheetah's: Where The Elite Go To Eat Sashimi On Naked Women

Josh · 03/26/07 05:25PM

It's hard to believe that New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni's ears didn't prick up and his tastebuds didn't start gushing when he opened his inbox today (while clad in a leopard-pattern robe, we hope!) and saw UrbanDaddy's write up of Cheetah's. It's a gentleman's club/sushi restaurant on 43rd street! (So handy for the Times-folk.) We are so going, because we just think raw fish and naked ladies goes good together and also constitutes the kind of lifestyle experience we want others to know that we crave.