British Stripper and Her Mom Get Twin Surgeries to Look Like Katie Price

Jay Hathaway · 08/27/15 04:22PM

Kayla Morris, just a regular 20-year-old British woman, loves to do loads of things with her mum, Georgina Clarke. Such as: Wear the same clothes, get the same clothes, borrow each other’s clothes, get their nails done together, have their nails done the same, and get plastic surgery to look like British model and TV personality Katie Price. They’re very close.

A Guide to the Fake Faces of Real Housewives

Maureen O'Connor · 02/24/11 02:46PM

During a recent Real Housewives marathon, I came to a realization: You can identify a rich lady's hometown by the look on her face. Trend-wise, it turns out that cosmetic surgery is more like cosmetics than surgery: Women who live near and socialize with each other end up looking physically similar by dint of plumping, slicing, lifting, and blasting with Botox. A guide to the surgically enhanced faces of Real Housewives.