The Future of Newspapers, Legal Rumblings in DC

cityfile · 06/04/09 12:07PM

• The newspaper industry may look to take a cue from the music business in its elusive hunt for new sources of revenue. Because, clearly, if there's one industry to gleam some wisdom from, that's the one. [MP, WSJ]
• The Justice Department is looking into whether tech giants like Yahoo! and Google violated antitrust laws in their recruiting efforts. [WaPo]
• NBC's two-part White House special scored big ratings. Conveniently, it also squeezed in plugs for every other show on the network. [HP, Newsday]
• Laura Ling and Euna Lee went on trial in North Korea today. [WaPo]
• Silvio Berlusconi is feuding with Rupert Murdoch. And so now Michael Wolff says he really likes Berlusconi. Business as usual, clearly. [Gawker, Reuters]
• Here's something really depressing to chew on: Glenn Beck is No. 81 on Forbes's "Celebrity 100" list and made $23 million last year. [Forbes]

Ever Wonder What It's Like to Work for Bonnie Fuller?

Gabriel Snyder · 05/21/09 02:34PM

Working for Bonnie Fuller, who created the glossy gossip age at Us Weekly, was always a challenge. But since she was fired from her job at Star-publisher American Media last year, the only place she's had to aim her mercurial celebrity theories is her Twitter followers.

Bonnie Fuller, Gentle Mentor

cityfile · 04/30/09 11:32AM

Bonnie Fuller, the former Star and Us Weekly editor who now spends her days blogging for the Huffington Post, has always had a rep for being a horrible boss. Writers and editors who had the misfortune to work with her never lasted long; the stories recounted by the people who worked for her over the years are legion. So kudos to Samantha Ettus, the host of ObsessedTV, for broaching the subject in a chat with the editrix a couple of weeks ago.

The Twitterati Ride a Train to Unemployment

Owen Thomas · 03/27/09 05:19PM

You know the media have fallen when former Star editorial director Bonnie Fuller can't get a car and driver. Also, another writer dude is newly unemployed! More vital information from the Twittersphere today:

Do You Cry, or Do You Just Twitter?

Owen Thomas · 03/04/09 05:35PM

Blue? Just read Twitter, and you'll feel better. Jimmy Fallon's producer cried from fatigue. So did a Gizmodo blogger. An ABC news guy's biggest accomplishment? Going to the DMV. The sad life of Twitteronians:

A Vile Day for the Twitterati

Owen Thomas · 01/14/09 11:59PM

Was it the sad news of Steve Jobs's ailments? Or just bad fish-oil capsules? Something was off in the Twittersphere today.

The Twitterati Have Many Regrets

Owen Thomas · 01/09/09 05:04PM

Twitter users are a sorry bunch. Especially the media! Errata, excuses, and eye-rolling from today's tweets:

AMI Moving Towards Bankruptcy?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/10/08 09:39AM

Is AMI going to go bankrupt? Nooooooooo! Do you know what that would mean: trouble for the new zombie version of! Keith Kelly reports this morning that AMI, which publishes Star and the National Enquirer in addition to zombie Radar, missed a deadline on an interest payment and is "feverishly negotiating" with its lenders. How can you publish the National Enquirer in its finest year ever and still be coming up short of cash? We blame Bonnie Fuller, a little bit.

Newsflash: Angelina Manipulates the Press

cityfile · 11/21/08 08:00AM

It really is about time psychologists gave a name to whatever personality disorder Angelina Jolie suffers from, because "narcissistic control freak with a Mother Teresa complex" (see also: Princess Diana, Mia Farrow) is a bit of a mouthful. Anyway, Angie must have pissed off someone at the Times, because today the paper does a mild hatchet job on her, raking over various details that we already knew: She micro-manages all aspects of her tabloid interviews especially her coverage in People; she supposedly doesn't employ a publicist or agent; she and Brad make a big song and dance about giving the proceeds of their media deals to charity, but only a small slice seems to reach the beneficiaries; and, most importantly, when that bitch Jennifer Aniston is winning the hearts and minds of US Weekly readers, all Ang has to is don a headscarf, be photographed helping the tragedy-stricken in a third world country, and she's back in the game.

Dan Abrams' Ring Of Media Informants

Ryan Tate · 11/19/08 12:36AM

Last year the SEC and New York attorney general's office opened investigations related to a novel business: a company that hired as "consultants" moonlighting workers with access to proprietary information of interest to hedge funds. Ethical questions will also be asked about the network of insider media consultants Dan Abrams has assembled after Rachel Maddow took the Elle Macpherson-dater's MSNBC slot. With advisors like former Us Weekly editor Bonnie Fuller, ex-Huffington Post writer Rachel Sklar and Lockhart Steele, once of Gawker Media, Abrams Research is meant to be simply a "mock jury of bloggers, TV personalities and newspaper or magazine editors," the Wall Street Journal reports. But it could get so much more thorny than that.

For Frugal OK!, No Posh Bonnie Fuller

Ryan Tate · 10/23/08 08:03PM

Perhaps the recent rumors about editor-from-hell Bonnie Fuller helming celebrity weekly OK! were a clever way of ensuring a warm staff welcome for the real editor-in-chief and publisher, both set for announcement tomorrow. They are former Quick & Simple EIC Susan Toepfer and Niche Media senior VP Lori Burgess, respectively, the Post's Keith Kelly is reporting. Recently-installed general manager Kent Brownridge insisted his choice for editor "had never been Bonnie," but his passing on the pricey and profligate former Us Weekly chief is as good a sign as any that the economic meltdown will slam celebrity entertainment media as it has banking and real estate.