Arousing Mariah Carey Cover Elicits Standing O From 'Idol' Judge Randy Jackson's Pants

Seth Abramovitch · 04/16/08 11:50AM

There were plenty of noteworthy moments from last night's American Idol Tribute to the Many Songs and Slutty Looks of Mariah Carey, from David Cook's soundtrack-ready, grungemo rendition of "Always Be My Baby," to a stirring performance of ''When You Believe" by a leather bepanted David Archuleta (who could have just as easily located the spiritually redeeming undercurrent to the "shoe do do do do do do do/shoe do do do do do do yeahs" of "Fantasy"). But the most thrilling development, for us at least, came not from the stage, but rather the judge's table, shortly before Randy Jackson was called upon to apply his highly attuned pitchydar to Carly Smithson's take on "Without You."

Seth Abramovitch · 03/10/08 07:55PM

A lawyer for Andrew Koenig, aka Growing Pain's Richard Milhous "Boner" Stabone, pleaded in Pasadena court today on behalf of their client, who was detained by police for ten hours on New Year's Day for jumping in front of a China-themed Rose Parade float holding a sign that said "China: Free Burma." Interesting Boner fun facts: While his fictional father was Sylvester Stabone, Andrew's real father is Walter Koenig, aka Star Trek's Lt. Pavel Chekov! [Pasadena Weekly]