Portland Bomb Squad Detonates Suspicious Tennis Ball

Seth Abramovitch · 08/18/11 08:31PM

An air of excitement and danger swirled around Portland's Arbor Lodge Park this morning, as a bomb squad cordoned off the area and detonated a tennis ball suspected of being a homemade bomb.

Watch Out for Cyborg Terrorists

John Cook · 07/06/11 01:25PM

Terrorists are apparently showing a renewed interest in the idea of surgically implanting explosives into someone's body and sending them on a plane, so be on the lookout for anyone with wires coming out of their belly button and be prepared to hear phrases like "kidney bomber" pretty soon.

Roger Ailes' Office Protects Him from Gay Terrorists

Max Read · 05/30/11 06:13PM

There's so much to love about Fox News chief Roger Ailes — and so much of him to love — but our favorite character trait is his lunatic paranoia. Did you know he bomb-proofed his office against "those gays"?

Man Threatens to Bomb TV Station over Two and a Half Men Reruns

Max Read · 05/28/11 11:00AM

We don't, as a rule, support terrorism, but sometimes we are sympathetic to its aims. As in the case of Freddy Caldwell, the Bronx man who threatened to blow up his local TV station if it kept airing Two and a Half Men reruns.

Bomb Spends Three Weeks in Lost-and-Found

Max Read · 03/24/11 12:43AM

Did anyone lose a bomb in Detroit? Because there's one in the lost-and-found of a federal office building there. Or there was, for three weeks, until security guards decided to scan it and realized what they had.

Mass Transit Will Never Be Safe (Sorry)

Hamilton Nolan · 12/27/10 01:12PM

Mass transit will never be safe from terrorism, so it's not worth worrying about. You can't keep bombs off trains, buses, and subways and still expect them to function properly. It's best not to even contemplate the following statistics.