Tunisia Declares State of Emergency After Bombing Leaves 12 Dead

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/24/15 03:08PM

The country of Tunisia is under a state of emergency with a curfew imposed on its capital city after at least 12 people were killed during an afternoon bombing that appeared to target a bus carrying members of the presidential guard.

Police Say "Yellow Shirt Guy" Is the Bangkok Bomber

Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/18/15 08:00AM

Bangkok police say a man wearing a yellow t-shirt is definitely responsible for setting off a bomb near a Bangkok shrine Monday, killing 20 people and injuring at least 140 others.

Car Bomb Injures Two at French Embassy in Libya

Cord Jefferson · 04/23/13 09:40AM

A car bomb rocked the French Embassy in Tripoli today, injuring two guards in what's presumed to be the first terrorist attack on a diplomatic outpost in the Libyan capital since the deposition of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011. The blast was also the most major strike at a foreign government's compound since a cadre of assailants stormed the U.S. Consulate in September 2012 and killed four, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

Turkey and Syria Exchange Attacks, Make Everyone Nervous

Max Read · 10/03/12 05:14PM

NATO convened an emergency meeting today after a Syrian mortar attack that apparently left five Turkish civilians dead. Turkey retaliated with an artillery strike on Syrian military targets, and for a few brief minutes that afternoon we were all, like, "UHHHH."

Enjoy This Color Footage of the London Blitz

Hamilton Nolan · 09/07/10 09:11AM

Seventy years ago today, Germany began its bombing "blitz" that would devastate the city of London. Just in time for the anniversary, here's some rare new color footage of the bombing and its aftermath. Everything was very bomb-y. [AP]