Twitter Troll Grounds Two Planes with Bomb Threat

Hudson Hongo · 01/24/15 07:40PM

On Saturday, CNN reported that two passenger planes had been escorted by fighter jet to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to be searched, the result of an online bomb threat military officials "deemed credible." It soon became clear, however, the threat came from a source most of us would treat pretty skeptically: some dumb tweets from an obvious troll.

Shitty Joke Forces Alaska Airport to Shutdown for Three Hours

Taylor Berman · 10/14/12 06:13PM

Considering the hyped-up, half-assed shit the TSA forces you to go through before your typical flight, making a bomb-related joke at the airport probably isn't the best move. But, according to the AP, flier Peter Friesema didn't let a thing like common sense get in the way of potential comedy gold and apparently made a wisecrack about having a bomb in his bag. Things went about as well as you'd expect: authorities shutdown Anchorage's Ted Stevens International Airport for three hours hours early Sunday morning as police searched for the non-existent bomb.

Grover Norquist's Office Evacuated over Bomb Threat

Jim Newell · 07/25/11 12:39PM

The staff of Americans For Tax Reform were briefly evacuated from their DC headquarters this morning as police responded to a bomb threat against the building. No explosives were found and the staff has returned to work.

Man Threatens to Bomb TV Station over Two and a Half Men Reruns

Max Read · 05/28/11 11:00AM

We don't, as a rule, support terrorism, but sometimes we are sympathetic to its aims. As in the case of Freddy Caldwell, the Bronx man who threatened to blow up his local TV station if it kept airing Two and a Half Men reruns.

Mom Calls in Bomb Threat to Prevent Her Daughter from Eloping

Brian Moylan · 11/17/10 05:22PM

A Russian woman lied to police, claiming her daughter was a suicide bomber in order to prevent her from eloping to Morocco. After being questioned, the daughter was released and permitted to continue on her way. The mother was arrested.

BREAKING: MGM Tower Not Reduced to Rubble, Reopens For Business

STV · 08/05/08 05:30PM

A quick survey of informants drunkenly furloughed next door at the Pink Taco have confirmed that MGM Tower was not — we repeat, not — blown to bits after a reported bomb threat earlier this morning. In fact, we hear that work resumed on site within the last hour after a building search turned up nothing. One tipster sends word that "the receptionist who took the call couldn't tell whether it was a young boy or young girl," instantly suggesting a relatively tame prank that nevertheless shook the very souls (or whatever amounts to the ICM equivalent) of the tower's tenants. Follow the jump for the official all-clear, plus a brief anthology of survivor stories from the front.

BREAKING: Bomb Threats Spur Evacuations at MGM Tower

STV · 08/05/08 12:59PM

And we don't mean Valkyrie: Word into Defamer HQ reveals that a bomb threat has been received by multiple tenants at MGM Tower, indicating that "the device would be activated at noon." The LAPD has been notified, evidently, but with the threat having yet to be verified, the building superintendents are reportedly evacuating the building from 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. We hear ICM is out already. Follow the jump for the full memo, and best wishes to those affected in Century City. Developing...

Breaking: Bomb Scare Near SAG, Variety, E! Buildings

mark · 06/07/07 04:10PM

Reports are pouring in about a bomb scare stopping traffic over on Wilshire Blvd, close to the headquarters of SAG and across the street from Variety and E! [Ed.note—Has anyone checked to make sure that Seacrest is safe?] A sampling of our nearby operatives' descriptions of the situation apparently created off by a mysterious briefcase left in front of Organic to Go: