7 Kids Not Named Mohamed Who Brought Homemade Clocks to School And Didn't Get Arrested

Andy Cush · 09/16/15 11:10AM

Hoping to impress the teachers at his new school, an Irving, Texas, high school freshman named Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade clock with him to MacArthur High Monday morning, which he’d assembled before bed the night before. When he showed it to those teachers, though, they were something other than impressed, and by Monday afternoon, Mohamed was being led out of school in handcuffs. Ahmed’s English teacher believed the device was a bomb.

Underpants Bomber's Trial Begins Today

Lauri Apple · 10/04/11 06:37AM

Frugal flyer Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian man and underpants bomb enthusiast who on Christmas 2009 allegedly intended to make an airliner go boom over Detroit, heads to court today for the first day of his trial on eight terrorism-related charges. Abdulmutallab has pleaded not guilty, but the evidence against him is pretty strong (a confession, a videotape of him explaining his bomb scheme, and the half-destroyed bomberpants he wore during his fateful flight, among other things) so he probably shouldn't expect a Christmas miracle. Given this development and the death of his inspiration source, Anwar al-Awlaki, just a few days ago, Abdulmutallab's kind of having a shitty week.