Bolt Bus Asks Passenger to Join Loyalty Program After Bus Explosion

Andy Cush · 05/14/15 04:04PM

As if the indignity of riding discount transportation to Boston wasn’t enough on its own, passengers of a Bolt Bus were forced to evacuate Monday evening as their chariot burst into flames. When one passenger emailed to complain about the incident, a representative asked her to join the company’s loyalty program so that she could receive “a couple of round trips” in exchange for her troubles.

Bolt Bus Driver Arrested for DUI, Tao Lin Aboard

Adrian Chen · 03/12/11 11:33AM

We always knew those super cheap Bolt Bus tickets came with a hidden price. Your driver might be drunk! A bolt bus driver was arrested for an alleged DUI yesterday while driving from New York to Baltimore after a passenger noticed him drinking from a flask and called 911.

Get It While It's Here

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/08 10:00AM

A new service called Bolt Bus is offering one-way bus trips from New York to Washington, DC for a starting price of $1. Over the next month, the price will gradually rise to $10 or so—still a good deal. The buses also have wi-fi access. An affordable, modern, clean bus line? Its financial ruin is certain. [Bolt Bus]