Bodybuilders Try, Fail, to Calculate Number of Days in a Week

Jay Hathaway · 01/05/15 01:43PM

Bodybuilders are notorious for not being able to agree on a single damn thing—their workouts are right, yours is always wrong—but you'd think they'd be able to reach a consensus on how many days there are in a week, which is 7. But they can't, because math is tough. Let's take it back to the forums circa 2008, and watch some of the greatest thinkers of our age work their rhetorical magic.

Bodybuilders Are Weird

Hamilton Nolan · 05/24/12 11:05AM

In the world of "fitness," there are a few distinct "tribes" that you see everywhere: the "weekend warriors," who come and go with the seasons; the "health nuts," always on that treadmill and drinking the soy milk shakes; and then the real life bodybuilders, who are, to a person, bizarre, inhuman freakazoids. (Not saying that in a judgmental way.)

Get Ripped With Poisonous Muscle Powder

Jeff Neumann · 06/02/10 04:33AM

Looking to bulk up for the beach, little guy? Might want to think twice about that Muscle Milk© and MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Hardcore™ powder. That is, unless you don't mind a little extra lead and arsenic floating around inside your body.