The Terrifying Body Worlds Mummy Heads of 19C Italy

Maureen O'Connor · 02/21/12 06:18PM

A group of forensic anthropologists have completed a meticulous analysis of a set of real human anatomy displays from 19C Italy. Using CT scans and other chemical analysis, the group determined that, some 200 years ago, anatomist Giovan Battista Rini "petrified" the corpses with a mercury and other heavy metals. He injected some tinctures and used others as baths. The eyes are fake. Basically, Rini was modern medicine's first "Body Worlds" guy.

Inside the Mad Labs of "Body Worlds"

Florabel Mulvaney · 02/18/10 01:31PM

Oh, dead bodies. Whatever do we do with you? Taboo explores disposal, suicide, and life after death, but most fascinatingly takes us inside them—to the lab of Gunther von Hagens, who first brought the world innards on display.