Super Skinny Women Are Just as Unhappy as You Are

cityfile · 05/13/09 10:03AM

Least surprising news ever: When pollsters from the Associated Press and iVillage asked 1,000 women about their weight, 26 percent of the women who were not technically overweight—by body mass index standards—still said they think thought they were too fat. The rest, apparently, have yet to be told that you can never be too skinny. Kidding! [AP, NYDN]

Retailer Pulls Catalogs With Death Camp-Thin Models—Can We Get Some Pictures?

Moe · 08/28/08 04:28PM

The president of a venerable Montreal retailer is pulling some 450,000 of the the store's catalogs because he decided the models were too thin. Says Peter Simons of La Maison Simons, who claims he was on vacation when the catalogs were printed: "We are into social responsibility here.... I'm fully aware of what it is and I'm taking full responsibility… It's my job to ensure that we are a constructive actor in the community. I should have done better. I should have seen it." Well, holy overblown contrition, Pete, it's not like you asked the models to watch you masturbate like I hear is the retailing executive custom up there in Montreal! In any case, this is the most emaciated-looking picture I could find on the internet from the La Maison Simons catalog — its private label is called "Twik" — so for good measure thought I'd go back and upload my favorite pic from the pages of that other great publication and crusader against eating disorders, Teen Vogue.That's more like it!

Kate Beckinsale Demands a Booty Double

ian spiegelman · 06/15/08 12:08PM

Flaming hot Underworld star Kate Beckinsale thinks her butt's too big! "She has a slim, toned figure that most women would die for. But Kate Beckinsale has demanded a body double for her latest film-because she 'loathes' her bottom. Producers have had to hire a £1,000-a-day nude stand-in after Kate, 34, refused to bare her derriere in a shower scene. In the past the actress, who earns £3.2million for a film, has not been shy of squeezing into sexy clothing and almost showed her bottom in Uncovered in 1994. But a source on her new film Whiteout said: 'Kate has a terrible self-image. She thinks she is fat and she is always complaining how certain outfits make her bottom look big. Of course, the reality is that she has the most amazing body.'" Almost showed her bottom in Uncovered you say? Screen grab after the jump!

Tomorrow's Eating Disorders Today

Rebecca · 03/03/08 05:05PM

Upper East Side children's store Bonpoint held a children's fashion show for their reopening. And yes the little kids are so cute. But what is the psychological cost of this adorable event? Body dysmorphic disorder before elementary school? Drinking diet juice boxes? Whatever, this city is savage. No sense in waiting until middle school for these insecurities to start. [New York Social Diary]

"Very, Very Wide Legged Jeans With Experimental, Unknown Sneakers" Appall Fabian Basabe

Emily Gould · 10/30/07 10:00AM

Faded it-boy Fabian Basabe has left our city for his true spiritual home, Los Angeles, and he's finally stopped "furniture shopping, car shopping and well... tanning" long enough to update his Paper magazine blog. But now he's encountering some culture shock! At a recent awards show, he was confronted not only by fashion faux pas like the aforementioned "experimental, unknown sneakers" that "even the boys from 'NSYNC would have ditched," he also faced "an extravaganza of sushi next to pasta next to cookies next to caramelized apples the size of a New York studio. A selection that would make any self-respecting New York girl with body issues (and some boys — you know who you are) purge from ten feet away." He and his "posse" "took off for saner pastures." But wherever you go, there you are, Fab!