Cameron Diaz Urges Women to Grow a Thick, Thorny Bramble Bush of Pubes

Caity Weaver · 01/03/14 05:39PM

Self-identified liver Cameron Diaz has a message for all of the ladies out there—yes, even you ladies in the back; yes, even you ladies pretending to text on your phones right now so that you can avoid eye contact with Cameron Diaz; look up. Look up. It's time to recei—look up; it's time to receive the message. OK, here's the message:

International Clitoris Week Is Just Around the Corner

Adam Weinstein · 05/03/13 01:05PM

In a world that often seems like one big penis party, the clit is a many-splendored thing—and a marginalized one, too. This locus of female pleasure has more nerve endings than any other human body part, but it still doesn't enjoy the cultural currency of your average wang. Maybe Clitoris Week will change that.

Michelle's Surgery Stimulus: "Toned-Arm" Procedures Up 4,378 Percent

Max Read · 04/30/13 08:38AM

American women are "opting for surgery to get Michelle Obama's arms," the Los Angeles Times tells us. (Though, obviously, not literally; there are not thousands of women seeking surgery to obtain the First Lady's arms, of which there are after all only two.) The number of women seeking cosmetic "upper arm-lift" procedures has increased by 4,378 percent since 2000, due—many speculate—to Ms. Obama's bodacious arms:

Woman Steals a Hearse With Corpse Inside After Fight with Girlfriend

Brian Moylan · 09/21/11 04:45PM

Gay men always get stereotyped as being drama queens while the lesbians escape the rap. Well, let's look at the case of Angela DeHart, the lesbian car thief who boosted a hearse with a body in the backseat. This crazy story will change the stereotype.

Man's Skeleton Found in Chimney 27 Years After Disappearance

Max Read · 07/27/11 09:15PM

Well, here's a story not to think about next time you are in an enclosed space: A bank in Abbeville, La. that was undertaking renovations this year discovered a skeleton inside a chimney that had been closed for three decades.

Torso Appears on Recycling Plant Conveyor Belt

Max Read · 07/10/11 04:44PM

A "butchered torso" was found at a recycling plant in Seattle over the weekend, apparently just "rolling by on a conveyer belt." It's unclear where the body had been separated from its other parts, but it was apparently "mixed in with materials from a construction site." We appreciate that everyone, including murderers, is "going green," but be aware that human bodies are not, in fact, recyclable. (They can be composted.) [Seattle Post-Intelligencer via NYDN]

High School Class Finds Body on Field Trip

Max Read · 05/11/11 06:59PM

A high school class in Louisville, Ky. just went on the best field trip, ever! If you like finding bodies. Because that's what they did! They found a body, face-down "by a creek behind the school in a wooded area."

Police Find More Human Remains on Long Island

Max Read · 04/11/11 06:53PM

Bodies just keep turning up on Long Island, where police are searching for a serial killer (who is "maybe" a cop himself) believed to be responsible for the deaths of at least four prostitutes. Today, a police dog uncovered a bag stuffed with "upper and lower extremities" about three miles from where the police had found the first four bodies (not to be confused with the second set of four bodies, none of which has been identified and may not even be the work of the same killer, although, come on); a few hours later, cops uncovered a human skull, which would—if the skull and the "upper and lower extremities" didn't belong to the same person—bring the total number of bodies uncovered to ten. [NYT; image via AP]

Kids on Easter Egg Hunt Find Dead Body

Ravi Somaiya · 04/03/10 04:41PM

Easter. A time for chocolate, contemplation, and family. And, if you're a couple of kids in a Des Moines park, for finding a dead body while on an easter egg hunt. (We're not going to make a resurrection joke.) [AP]