Eating & Drinking: Tuesday Edition

cityfile · 04/28/09 04:44PM

• Yesterday's Post piece on restaurants charging for things like water and bread and butter provoked a wee bit of controversy. Frank Bruni thinks more restaurants should be charging for bread. And Bobo's Carlos Suarez would like you to know the water fee goes to charity, so simmer down. [NYT, GS]
Sasha Petraske's Dutch Kills may open as soon as this Friday. [UD]
• The Beatrice Inn (which is still closed, FYI) has been vandalized. [Eater]
• The latest secret bar you'll hear a lot about, but will probably never visit in person: Bohemian, which requires a swipe key to get in, and is "tucked into the back of a building that used to belong to Andy Warhol," if that's any help. [GS]

Eating & Drinking: Thursday Edition

cityfile · 04/23/09 05:25PM

• Suggestions on places to eat in the vicinity of the Tribeca Film Festival. [NYP]
• It's going to be hot this weekend. Luckily for you, the backyards at Bobo and Table 8 are both open for business (or will be by this weekend). [Eater]
• Balducci's on 14th Street closes this Sunday and there's a big sale underway, not that there's much of anything left on the store's shelves. [GS]
David Burke's coping with the downturn just fine, thanks very much. [WSJ]
• Matt Levine of Eldridge infamy is making over Thor. [GS]
• Tom Potter, the retired co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery, is hoping to establish Brooklyn's first whiskey and gin distillery. [Brooklyn Paper]
• At last night's City Harvest auction, a private dinner by Eric Ripert went for $45K. Surfing and dinner in the Hamptons with Marc Murphy took in 14K. [GS]

Eating & Drinking: Friday Edition

cityfile · 02/13/09 03:54PM

• A list of V-Day meals and deals, in case you need some inspiration. [Eater]
• The good news/bad news about the newly-opened Trigo in Tribeca. [Eater]
Frank Bruni gives Corner Bistro's burger a try; he isn't impressed. [NYT]
• Cocoa prices are up, which means chocolate is about to get pricier. [WSJ]
• A list of this year's James Beard Awards semifinalists. [GS]
• Bobo's Patrick Connelly will be on Nightline tonight. [Feedbag]
• Don't read this piece about "natural contaminants" if you're squeamish. [NYT]

Bruni on Bobo, Crackdown at La Esquina

cityfile · 11/05/08 03:02PM

Frank Bruni of the Times visits Bobo this week, and awards one star to new chef Patrick Connolly for his "ambition" and "good intentions," although he also points out that the restaurant "hasn't wholly surrendered its attitude and put service before sheen." [NYT]
♦ The NYPD shut down Serge Becker's "guerilla" election night party at La Esquina last night. [NYO]
♦ Boqueria's Soho location has been granted a liquor license and should be open by next week. [GS]

Platt On Bobo, Election Night Eats

cityfile · 10/27/08 03:10PM

New York's Adam Platt visits Bobo and Bloomingdale Road this week, and while he isn't thrilled with Bobo chef Patrick Connolly's portions (they're "barely large enough to feed a flea"), it still earns a two-star review. Bloomingdale Road isn't quite as lucky: It gets a zero-star review thanks to its "bizarro conception and spotty technique." [NYM]
♦ A look inside Michael Huynh's new BarBao on West 82nd St. [Eater]
♦ Brussels chain Rouge Tomate and Tom Valenti's West Branch are both slated to open this week, while the Plaza's Oak Room is expected to open its doors "early next month." [NYM]
♦ New York is experiencing a "coffee renaissance," apparently. [NYT]
♦ Tips on how to create the perfect menu for your election night bash. [RG]

Bruni on Allegretti, Richman on Corton

cityfile · 10/22/08 12:49PM

Frank Bruni reviews Allegretti this week and gives it two stars: "Although some dishes are overwrought, with an ingredient or two too many, and a few utterly miss their mark, more are executed with finesse and with a wicked sense of indulgence." [NYT]
♦ Alan Richman is pleased with Paul Liebrandt's Corton, reserving special praise for its sous vide chicken. [GQ]
♦ A report on how restaurants across the country are coping with the downturn. [NYT]

A New Zagat Survey, Pizza Instead of Power Lunches

cityfile · 10/07/08 02:38PM

♦ The 2009 Zagat guide to New York restaurants was released today. Momofuku Ko was named best newcomer, while Per Se led the pack in food and service. [Zagat]
Vice just released a New York restaurant guide, too. [Vice via Eater]
♦ A list of bars where you can watch the debate. [NYM]
♦ What are Wall Streeters doing now that they have no money? They're skipping power lunches and opting for pizza instead. [NYP]