Happy Birthday

cityfile · 04/23/09 06:35AM

Michael Moore turns 55 today. Social fixture (and Estee Lauder heiress) Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer is turning 39. Model Jessica Stam is 23. Writer Ken Auletta is turning 67. Former NBC CEO Bob Wright is 66. Actor Kal Penn is turning 32. Model/actress Jaime King turns 30. Former New Line co-chief Michael Lynne is 68. Real estate heiress and socialite Beth Rudin DeWoody is turning 57. Comedian George Lopez is turning 48. Valerie Bertinelli is 49. And Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel is 19.

Bob Wright

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:35PM

A longtime General Electric exec, Wright served as chairman and CEO of NBC Universal until 2007. He was succeeded by Jeff Zucker.

Despite "Mixed Feelings," Bob Wright Hands Over The Reins

Emily Gould · 02/06/07 12:40PM

A tipster forwarded us the farewell email that departing NBC CEO Bob Wright just sent out to his faithful troops. After the jump, you, too, can read about how Jeff Zucker is "a skilled executive who knows this company inside and out, and has the right mix of business knowledge, programming savvy, and marketing creativity to lead NBC Universal into a bright new era." Thrills galore!

Media Bubble: Try and Act Surprised

abalk2 · 11/16/06 09:10AM
  • Jeff Zucker may take over for Bob Wright as head of NBC by the end of the year. Honestly, you get the feeling that Zucker could rip the head off a transgendered prostitute and skullfuck it in the middle of a board meeting and he'd still get promoted. [NYP]