No explanation for Goldberg and Roback's departure

Chris Mohney · 02/14/07 12:00PM

When Dave Goldberg and Bob Roback abruptly resigned from Yahoo Music, neither they nor Yahoo provided any particular explanation for the move. Yahoo gives only the "personal reasons" chestnut, with Goldberg and Roback declaring airy aspirations for a return to "entrepreneurial roots." The explanatory void leaves the tech media free to speculate, and they're all over the map.

Perhaps Goldberg and Roback left because of opposition to DRM, or due to Yahoo Music's overall troubles, or as part of a general exec exodus from Yahoo, or to join other former Yahoo execs' startups, or because Goldberg and Roback's original Yahoo-bought company, Launch Media, will be spun back out and sold (quickly denied by Yahoo). Interestingly, Goldberg was interviewed by Jason Calacanis for Santa Monica's KCRW on Monday; Goldberg supposedly resigned that evening. He didn't mention any departure plans in the interview, so either he knew and cheerfully kept his own counsel, or he got ambushed by some other development later in the day that prompted his immediate exit. Thoughts?

Confirmed: Goldberg and Roback leave Yahoo Music

Chris Mohney · 02/13/07 03:35PM

Per the item we had earlier today, both Paidcontent and CNET got releases from Yahoo confirming that Dave Goldberg and Bob Roback have indeed bailed from Yahoo Music. Hey Yahoo, where's our release? We might have known in advance, but we still like seeing your announcements in our lil' inbox. Anyway, reasons for the departures are cited as "personal" (more on that later, perhaps), with no animus in brief notes from the two execs. Vince Broady, noted up-and-comer and current head of Yahoo entertainment and games, will take over Yahoo Music.

Dave Goldberg, Bob Roback out at Yahoo

Chris Mohney · 02/13/07 12:28PM

A tipster informs us that Dave Goldberg, VP and general manager of music at Yahoo, resigned yesterday, along with top lieutenant Bob Roback. Goldberg and Roback came aboard in 2001 when Yahoo bought their company, Launch Media. No word yet as to the reason for their sudden exit.

UPDATE: Confirmed.