GoDaddy in Talks to Sell for $2 Billion

Adrian Chen · 06/24/11 12:42PM

Web domain name giant GoDaddy is reportedly in talks to be bought out for more than $2 billion. Who knows what kind of exploits GoDaddy's ridiculous elephant-killing CEO, Bob Parsons, will get up to with that kind of dough. He'll probably fly to a remote island and hunt the world's most dangerous game: tech bloggers. Honestly, we're terrified.

Meet GoDaddy's Ridiculous Elephant-Killing CEO

Adrian Chen · 03/31/11 01:55PM

What kind of a guy goes on a safari in Zimbabwe to shoot "problem elephants," then makes a graphic video about it, set to a dramatic Animal Planet-style soundtrack? Bob Parsons: former Marine, self-made millionaire, GoDaddy CEO.