Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/05/09 06:48AM

Kate Winslet turns 34 today. WNYC host Brian Lehrer is turning 57. Nicky Hilton is 26. Daniel Baldwin turns 49. Gerald Shargel, the attorney now in the news for defending Dave Letterman's alleged extortionist, is 52. Fellow defense attorney Mark Geragos is turning 65. Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi turns 39. Teresa Heinz Kerry is 71. Bob Geldof is turning 58. Jeff Conaway is 59. Actress Josie Bissett is 39. And Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Hayden Planetarium director that People once described as "the sexiest astrophysicist alive," turns 51 today.

Alex Betrays Madonna, Mandy Gives in to Ryan

cityfile · 02/12/09 06:44AM

• Madonna is supposedly furious with Alex Rodriguez for returning to his ex-wife Cynthia after the steroid scandal broke a few days ago; we're guessing she won't be too happy with the pics of A-Rod partying with a group of girls in the Bahamas the weekend before, either. [NYDN, NYP]
• Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are engaged. [People, P6]
• Cops will reinterview Rihanna and Chris Brown in the coming days. [NYDN]
Mort Zuckerman had a nice, long, expensive lunch at the Four Seasons right after slashing benefits at the Daily News. [P6]
• Prince Harry has been ordered to undergo "sensitivity training." [People]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/03/08 06:14AM

Lyor Cohen and Al Sharpton are both celebrating today: The Warner Music chief (and boyfriend of Tory Burch) turns 49; the rabble-rousing clergyman is 54. Others marking the special occasion: socialite Alexis Bryan is 32. Clive Owen is 44. Jake Shears is 30. Gwen Stefani is 39. Ashlee Simpson is 24. Composer Steve Reich is 72. Tommy Lee is 46. Neve Campbell is 35. Actor Sean William Scott is 32. And the notoriously precise Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley is 53. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Meet New York's Latest "Celebrity" Cokehead!

Moe · 08/28/08 10:39AM

So Peaches Geldof is moving to New York! And who praytell is Peaches Geldof? Besides the obvious spawn of that Irish new wave guy who might have faded into obscurity had he not gotten enormously rich helping starving African children or something. Well she is an avid cocaine consumer of course. And a socialite with a reality show of some sort in the UK. She missed being born in the nineties by about 200 days, which would make her nineteen, meaning she is off the market right now because she is married to some heretofore unknown "musician" with floppy hair (this happened in Las Vegas of course). She has a sister who is even younger and dumber. And now in the grand tradition she is planning on getting her "fresh start" living in "anonymity" and attending the "educational institution" NYU. Oh yes, and also, "working" at a "pop culture" magazine. Ooooh oooh which one??Nylon, duh. They also gave a column to Cory Kennedy, remember? Anyway, congrats on the gig, Peaches, and welcome to New York. When you find yourself stepping a little livelier and being unfriendly to people that's when you'll know you're home. ThisIsLondon