Oh, Bob

Hamilton Nolan · 07/29/08 10:50AM

What's new in "The Bobosphere"-the magical land where Ad Age's untethered old columnist-for-life Bob Garfield says things that make sense to Bob Garfield, exclusively? Well today, he's insinuating that the recently pulled Snickers commercial showing Mr. T shooting a speed walker with Snickers bars was probably the inspiration for the man who shot up a church in Tennessee yesterday because he hated liberals. Oh, Bob. We don't even know what to say. [Ad Age]


Pareene · 03/04/08 12:40PM

Paul Tilley, the ad exec who killed himself because blogs were mean to him (or something), continues to inspire the most self-righteous and least self-aware of scribes to put quill to parchment, adjust their oft-dropped monocles, and write, more in sadness than in anger ("I think I'm more saddened than pissed off"), strongly worded letters to whom it may concern regarding those mean, mean bloggers. Today, Bob Garfield, who blogs at Ad Age, helpfully explains "the difference between commentary and vandalism." "Commentary" is when smart, mustachioed professionals who've written books and things blog. "Vandalism" is when people are mean to those people, on the internet. [AdAge, UnRelated]