Mayor Bob Filner Returns from Therapy to Find His Office Locks Changed

Cord Jefferson · 08/13/13 04:04PM

Things are getting downright silly in the fight to depose San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who currently stands accused of sexual harassment by more than a dozen women. In order to try and sate his critics, Filner promised to do a two-week stint of "intensive therapy," which he completed on Friday. When Filner got back to his office, however, he discovered that his chief of staff had changed the locks.

Cord Jefferson · 08/09/13 05:23PM

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has flown the coop from two weeks of therapy designed to help him combat his urge to sexually harass women all the time. Filner was initially scheduled to be in therapy until August 19, but his chief of staff told reporters that the mayor started the program early and is now done.

Another Awful Filner Allegation: He Hit on a Disabled Iraq Vet's Nurse

Cord Jefferson · 08/06/13 08:07PM

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner began two weeks of intensive therapy yesterday in an effort to cure himself of a now infamous tendency to sexually harass practically any woman within grabbing distance. At last count, nine women (at least) had accused Filner of behaving inappropriately with them over the years. Today comes news of yet another harassment charge being leveled against the former 10-term Democratic congressman, and, well, it's a doozy.

San Diego Mayor Heading to Therapy After Sex Harassment Accusations

Cord Jefferson · 07/26/13 03:29PM

Following sexual harassment accusations from seven different women, Bob Filner, San Diego mayor and a horrible apparition from the "Black Hole Sun Video," said in a press conference today that he will take two weeks off to enter an "intensive therapy" program to try and become a better man and mayor.

Cord Jefferson · 07/16/13 01:37PM

Less than a week after people began calling for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's resignation amid vague allegations of sexual harassment, more detailed charges have come to light: "In a City Hall elevator, Filner told a female staffer that women employees would do better 'if they worked without their panties on.'"

San Diego Mayor Asks for "Help" Amid Mysterious Harassment Allegations

Cord Jefferson · 07/11/13 08:42PM

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, responding to calls for his resignation from former political allies, released a video this afternoon in which in which he apologizes for "[failing] to fully respect the women who work for me and with me" and says he has in the past "intimidated" women. It's the latest shame in what's been a rather difficult week for the city's first Democratic mayor in decades.