Gawker Media's Biggest Mistakes

Ashley Feinberg · 08/10/16 09:00AM

I’ve had lots of ideas in my time here at Gawker Media, all of them good. I’ve also had countless constructive and fruitful conversations with various editors about my ideas, and I know I’m better for it. However, these same editors have also made mistakes—egregious ones. Fortunately, the advent of the messaging app Slack has allowed for some of these good ideas (and the conversations surrounding them) to be easily found and preserved for posterity. It has also allowed me to pinpoint exactly where this company went wrong.

Watch Bob Dole Giggle Over How Much He Hates Ted Cruz

Ashley Feinberg · 11/12/15 02:31PM

Perpetual former candidate for president and (occasionally) vice president Bob Dole has a few opinions about what will soon be the latest crop of former candidates for president. Namely, that he thinks they’re all real swell guys. Well—except for one.

Scott Brown Is Apparently Bob Dole's Wife

Max Read · 10/12/11 10:55PM

"I was raised to believe that there are no limits to individual achievement and no excuses to justify indifference," reads a message on Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown's website. Weirdly, former North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole said the exact same thing in her Senate campaign announcement speech in 2002. Which leads us to wonder: Is Scott Brown Bob Dole's Wife?

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/22/09 06:46AM

Designer Oscar de la Renta turns 77 today. Rufus Wainwright is 36. Actor Willem Dafoe is turning 54. John Leguizamo and David Spade are both turning 45. Publishing industry heavyweight Ann Godoff is 60. Actor Danny Glover is turning 63. John Wren, the president and CEO of the ad agency Omnicom, is turning 57. Former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole is turning 86. George Clinton is 68. The Eagles' Don Henley is 62. Film director Paul Schrader is 63. Former football player (and now ESPN personality) Keyshawn Johnson is 37. And Disney star Selena Gomez celebrates her 17th birthday today.

Debunking JVG rumors

Gawker · 03/08/03 02:10PM

Jonathan Van Gieson sets the record straight:
· I did not accept $100,000 to debate Bob Dole on 60 Minutes.
· I am not having an affair with Drew Barrymore.
· I have not yet turned down the title role in the new Superman movie.
· My tearful rebuttal will not air on the Fox Network.
Now that I'm famous: rumor control [JVG]

Clinton vs. Dole

Gawker · 03/06/03 09:57AM

It's 1996 all over again. 60 Minutes will now be running segments that feature Bill Clinton and Bob Dole (or the "young whippersnappers" as they're affectionately known at 60 Minutes) in a point/counterpoint style debate in an effort to better target the attractive "under 82" demographic. [Ed. noteAlright, alright. They're not really called the "young whippersnappers."]
Clinton and Dole agree to debate on weekly '60 Minutes' segment [NYT]