Bob Costas on Jerry Sandusky: 'There Will Be More'

Matt Cherette · 11/21/11 11:24PM

One week after conducting an unbearable telephone interview with accused Penn State child rapist Jerry Sandusky on NBC's Rock Center, Bob Costas returned to the program tonight to talk about what's coming next. "There has to be more," said Costas, speculating on both the breadth of the accusations against Sandusky, as well as how much former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno knew about them without ever taking action. "There will be more."

Jon Stewart Goes Off on Jerry Sandusky

Matt Cherette · 11/15/11 11:37PM

In an unbearable phone interview with Bob Costas on last night's Rock Center, accused Penn State child rapist Jerry Sandusky kinda-sorta denied being sexually attracted to young boys. On tonight's Daily Show, an indignant Jon Stewart unloaded on Sandusky: "You can't even bring yourself to lie emphatically!"

The Jay Leno Show: 2009-2010

Adrian Chen · 02/09/10 10:39PM

The Jay Leno Show died today. It was five months old. Tonight, a half-dead zombie version of the show briefly rose from its deathbed to celebrate its own demise. This was as fun to watch as you might expect.

Michael Vick Speaks: 'I Cried So Many Nights'

The Cajun Boy · 08/16/09 09:08PM

Tonight 60 Minutes aired its much-anticipated Michael Vick interview, conducted by James Brown of CBS Sports, the first time Vick has spoken publicly about his crimes since being sent to prison for running a brutal dog-fighting ring.

Doubledown Goes Down, CBS Now Arranging Marriages

cityfile · 02/03/09 12:10PM

• Doubledown Media, the publisher of magazines like Trader, Cigar Report, and Dealmaker, and other titles aimed at the Wall Street set has shut down. [Folio]
• Those Pepsi ads that resembled a "MacGruber" skit from SNL? It was part of a deal between the soft drink company and Lorne Michaels, naturally. [NYT]
• The final Nielsen numbers are in: 95.4 million tuned in on Sunday. [MW]
Bob Costas is leaving HBO to join the MLB Network. [THR]
• There's a boycott of CNBC today for some reason. [Jossip]
• HBO has acquired the rights to Joe Nocera and Bethany McLean's forthcoming book about "the meltdown and the reason it happened." [Variety]
.• CBS has ordered up a new show from the producers of Top Chef "that puts lovelorn singles into arranged marriages." We love it already. [THR]

Costas Is Out at TWC

cityfile · 07/31/08 08:50AM
  • Now that he's moving into 15 Central Park West, Bob Costas has unloaded his 61st-floor condo at the Time Warner Center for $8.5 million. [NYO]

Costas Cannot Escape The Ghost Of Will Leitch

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/08 09:01AM

Bob Costas has more than 20 years of experience as a sportscaster. He's done the Olympics six times. But he's most famous on the internet for inviting wild-eyed sportswriter Buzz Bissinger on his talk show in April to rant and project bits of spittle towards absurdly civil former Deadspin editor Will Leitch. Now Costas-one of the most refined and experienced personalities in all of sports broadcasting-is forced to talk about Leitch and Bissinger in every single interview he does. It's his legacy!

Shouty Sportswriter Is Sorry For Yelling

Hamilton Nolan · 05/05/08 02:24PM

Buzz Bissinger, the excellent sportswriter and blog hater who made himself a very unpopular man very quickly by becoming unhinged and cussing out nice-guy Deadspin editor Will Leitch on TV last week, has had some time to think about what he did. And he's sorry now. First his wife told him he looked bad. Then everybody else did. "I started reading emails sent to me. The majority were predictably vindictive — dickhead, horsefucker, douchebag, windbag, ugly, stupid, etc. But what struck me far more is that many of the emails were smart, not laced with personal invective, and made cogent points about sports blogs and the Internet." He has perhaps now learned a valuable lesson, or three!

Buzz Bissinger Will Abuse You Into Civility

Pareene · 04/30/08 03:19PM

Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger hates the internet. Deadspin editor Will Leitch, despite also having written books (printed on paper and everything!) represents the internet, as a whole. So Bob Costas sat Will down with Bissinger (and, for some reason, Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards) so that Bissinger could yell at Will for ten minutes and call him "full of shit," among other things. Costas just kinda smugly encourages the whole mess. Will is apparently to blame for the existence of photos of Matt Leinert partying, which Costas seems to think were dug up from someone's trash. And Buzz cannot stop cursing and interrupting and shouting in his vitriolic attack on the uncouth, anti-journalistic rudeness of bloggers, an irony he apparently does not give two shits about. Will! The nicest Gawker Media editor! This, along with our hideous physical deformities, is why we don't do television. Clip attached (in case YouTube's disappears).

Bob Costas

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:39PM

NBC fixture Bob Costas' trademark boyish good looks and reassuring baritone made him a sports broadcasting icon. But after 25 years of having him shoved down their throats every time they try to watch a sporting event, viewers may be forgiven for wanting to hurl the remote at the TV when they see his face.