Now Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Rapper Nephew Has Issued a Response Diss To B.o.B

Jordan Sargent · 01/26/16 04:47PM

I guess if you’re Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s nephew who is also a rapper, never has the world called on your presence more than after your uncle was dissed by a rapper who believes that the Earth is flat. So without further ado, here is TYSON’s “Flat to Fact,” the response track to B.o.B’s DeGrasse Tyson diss which itself doubles as a remix of Drake’s diss of Meek Mill.

Why the Earth Is Flat, Straight From the Mouth of a Very Popular Rapper

Jordan Sargent · 01/25/16 10:55AM

Here is some news that is either comforting or depressing: there are still flat Earth truthers out there. Prominent among them is the very successful rapper B.o.B (you might know him from... this one?), who has spent the last 24 hours or so tweeting a lot of good flat Earth memes and theories.

Famous Rapper Wreaks Havoc on College Bar by Demanding Drinks for Free

Maureen O'Connor · 09/20/11 12:19PM

It was the coolest of times, it was the crappiest of times. B.o.B., a famous rapper, came all the way to Ithaca to play a show at Cornell University. This was, according to locals, cool. But then he went and ran up a $1,060 bill at a local bar, and refused to pay the waiter. This was, according to locals, not cool. The Cornell Daily Sun reports:

Lawyer Strips to Survive, Maintains Positive Attitude

Lauri Apple · 09/14/11 06:47AM

Meet "Carla," who earned her law degree a decade ago and actually used it, unlike some people we know. In 2009 she was laid off and couldn't find another law job, because they've all been outsourced or backsourced or stolen by the Olds. So she found what her law school's Office of Career Services might call "an alternative career."

Rapper Performs on an Airplane: A Cautionary Tale

Maureen O'Connor · 02/07/11 03:06PM

Grammy-nominated rapper B.o.B. performed his song "Airplanes" on a Delta airlines P.A. system. Now, cute as seeing this on Delta's official YouTube channel is, how annoying would it be to be forced to listen to B.o.B. warbling along to an MP3 of his own song, through a tinny airplane sound system? Can't we all just agree to sit in tense, angry silence when flying the friendly skies?

Vince Broady rolls up Yahoo Music

Chris Mohney · 02/23/07 04:00PM

When Dave Goldberg and Bob Roback walked out of Yahoo Music last week, Vince Broady, VP of TV, games, and entertainment, assumed custodianship of the music group while a replacement for Goldberg and Roback was sought. That replacement was not long in coming, and he comes from inside: Ian Rogers, VP of product development for Yahoo Music, will now take over the group. (Is anyone who works at Yahoo not a vice president?) Unless we're misunderstanding, generally unremarked in this shift is that Rogers will henceforth report to Broady, and the music group will go permanently under Broady's wing. Dollars to donuts this shift was already underway before, and may in fact be the otherwise unrevealed reason for Goldberg and Roback's huffy departure.