Gun Nuts Troll Facebook Post Praising Navy's USS Gabrielle Giffords

Adam Weinstein · 06/12/15 02:12PM

They must have roamed the internet, thirsty, like wild dogs of the African savannah, until they found it: A popular military veteran’s Facebook site, gently praising the Navy’s christening of the USS Gabrielle Giffords. It was a veritable oasis, drawing in the pack of gundamentalists: There was water here.

Here's What It Looks Like When a Tornado Hits Your Sailboat

Andy Cush · 07/10/14 09:40AM

A 70-foot yacht competing in the Clipper Round the World Race was sailing in the Pacific Ocean north of Papua New Guinea when it was hit with a surprise 115 mile-per-hour wind. In short order, the boat was on its side, and crew members were tumbling into the water.

Hamilton Nolan · 12/02/13 04:04PM

Business is booming in the superyacht industry. Boats now offer "pools with mechanical floors that can be raised or lowered to create a plunge pool, children's pool or helicopter landing pad."

At Least 13 Drowned in Capsized Riverboat on the Amazon

Maggie Lange · 04/19/13 03:30PM

At least 13 people drowned when a boat capsized earlier today on a tributary near the mouth of the Amazon river in Brazil. Most of the passengers were asleep below-deck when the overcrowded boat flipped over, due to strong river currents.

Whoops, Turns Out the Navy's $37 Billion Boat Is a Death Trap

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/13 03:21PM

After 9/11, the US Navy launched a massive program to build a "Littoral Combat Ship" that could fight submarines, clear underwater mines, and perform other tasks close to shore, because, um... you never know where the terrorists might be, with snorkels. Astoundingly, it appears more and more like this boondoggle has become—you guessed it—a boondoggle.

Which 'High-Profile' Member of Congress Stalked a Female Reporter?

Cord Jefferson · 02/27/13 04:48PM

In an article on The New Republic today, journalist Marin Cogan details some of the sexual advances female reporters in Washington, D.C., must field from even the most rainmaking of our elected officials. Nodding toward a House of Cards episode that broached the subject of fraught journalist-source flirtations, Cogan writes that colleagues of hers have been hit on by fundraisers, lobbyists, think-tank brains, and beyond, some of whom were wearing wedding rings whilst trying to get laid.

Homeland Security Took Michael Arrington's Boat Because 'America Is Myspace'

Mallory Ortberg · 02/23/13 12:09PM

All TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington wanted was a simple life, with a simple boat, so that he might draw out his remaining days in peaceful aquatic seclusion. Chartering retired couples and young honeymooners on day trips, resolving the quarrels of local fisherman, nibbling on sponge cake and watching the sun bake all of those tourists covered in oil. He was done with the game, and he thought the game was done with him.

This Is What Happens When Overzealous Boaters Try To Take On 'Large Wake'

Kate Bennert · 09/05/12 05:18PM

Meanwhile, in the same webcast, the local newsreader went on to report the death of a child, the death of a man who drove into a tree, and the fact that there will be a boat race in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri in 2013. All with the same horrible, emotionally defunct monotone.