How the Ouija Board Became the Mouthpiece of the Devil

Ken Layne · 10/31/13 01:07PM

At Halloween parties across this dreaded land tonight, people will set up Ouija boards and tarot decks for the traditional drunken fortune teller's table of occult items. At least a few people will freak out when the Ouija board spells out something maniacal like "KILL YOU FOREVER GOOD-BYE DADDY," and again we will wonder why we keep these apparent portals to Hell in our closet alongside Connect Four and Monopoly.

This Dog Plays Yahtzee Better Than You Do

Matt Cherette · 11/01/10 03:45PM

You may fancy yourself pretty good at board games—Yahtzee in particular. But, you know what? This Border Collie just crapped all over your "accomplishment" when he threw a Large Straight... on his first try. Watch—in utter amazement, natch—inside.


cityfile · 07/31/09 02:43PM

"The Manhattan social scene is dead in the summer," which explains why Vanity Fair has introduced its very own board game called Socialitopoly. "Hunker down in your Park Avenue pad, grab your sterling-silver Maybach roadster, Christian Louboutin shoe, or Panama hat," the site advises. Guess this means if you were hoping to play along with a "Little Graydon" piece, you're on your own. [Vanity Fair]