A Man Self-Identifying as Jesus Christ Tried to Kidnap President Obama’s Dog

Ashley Feinberg · 01/08/16 03:20PM

Scott Stockert, a man from North Dakota who is known to himself as “Jesus Christ,” was arrested after police received a tip that he’d traveled to Washington, D.C. with the express purpose of kidnapping First Dog Bo Obama. A fact that is deeply embarrassing for the Obamas’ other dog—you know the one.

Leah Beckmann · 10/09/12 11:18AM

Happy Birthday Bo Obama! As a Libra, you're balanced, charming and romantic. Also gullible, so watch out for that Sasha.

Has the Obamas' Dog Been Lying About His Whereabouts?

Jim Newell · 12/23/11 02:00PM

The conspiracy theories are happening so fast now that they're basically resolved before they even start, but let's not let this one escape the eternal clutches of the Gawker Archives: Did the Portuguese water dog Bo Obama — who's already been under heavy Christmas card scrutiny this week — fly out to Hawaii with Michelle Obama and the kids, and then fly back just to Washington for a photo-op with President Obama? Imagine the cost to taxpayers! Congress, please get back to town for a quickie impeachment.

A Visual History of White House Christmas Decorations

Brian Moylan · 12/01/11 05:15PM

Last night Michelle Obama unveiled this year's White House Christmas decorations and the first family lit the National Christmas Tree. It's no Rockefeller Center, but it's something! In honor of the holiday season taking over the country's most prestigious domicile here's a look at how 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, has looked over the years.