Woody Allen and Cate Blanchett Construct a Perfect Breakdown

Maggie Lange · 07/25/13 12:33PM

Cate Blanchett is genius at demonstrating a veneer of icy sophistication slowly cracking. You can see glimpses in her eyes, her jittery jaw, her wringing hands, in the birdlike suspension of shaky limbs held akimbo. In Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen's latest film, her character Jasmine is a woman in the midst of a nervous collapse. Her real-estate swindler ex was imprisoned for stealing millions, and as a result, she's been torn from her Park Avenue penthouse. She’s holding on by a Chanel suit string, subsisting solely on Stoli, with a constant blur of mascara smudging her lower eyelid.

Watch Cate Blanchett Elegantly Go Nuts in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine

Maggie Lange · 06/07/13 12:10PM

Here's the trailer for Woody Allen's latest commentary on stylish neuroses—Blue Jasmine. Alec Baldwin is some sort of gift-giving swindler and Cate Blanchett is a woman suffering a nervous breakdown in a Chanel suit, using a Stoli bottle as a gavel. Oh and Louis C.K. shows up at the 1:22 mark! Enjoy.