Two Government Economists Who Were Obama Donors Magically Falsified the Unemployment Figures, I Bet

Hamilton Nolan · 10/05/12 02:00PM

When the sunny unemployment figures came out this morning, savvy conservatives knew that something rotten was afoot. A 0.3% decline in unemployment—one month before an election? Tell us another one, NObamatards. And now, these clear-eyed zealots may have found the smoking gun that they need to prove that something that is clearly not a conspiracy is, in fact, a conspiracy.

Jack Welch Is a Jobs Truther: the Birth of a Conspiracy Theory

Max Read · 10/05/12 09:56AM

The unemployment rate has dipped below 8 percent for the first time since 2009 — evidence of a slow, but steady recovery? Or evidence that hundreds of thousands of unemployed Democrats gathered together to lie about being employed?