The Establishment Arm of the Trump Campaign Is Blatantly Using the Press to Stage a Coup

Jordan Sargent · 06/07/16 12:00PM

Donald Trump has not even officially assumed the title as Republican nominee for president and already his campaign isn’t even bothering to hide that it’s tearing itself in two. Specifically, this past weekend, Paul Manafort, the longtime GOP dementor brought on by Trump to give his campaign an air of professionalism—or aides loyal to him—used MSNBC as a vessel to spark a revolt within the campaign.

Finally, a Pompous Blowhard Former Television Character Steps Into the Political Arena

Jordan Sargent · 05/11/16 10:35AM

If there’s one thing this election season has been lacking, it’s screen time devoted to the megalomaniacal ranting of a tiresome one-time television character. Thankfully, this morning Bloomberg News published an interview with the actor Jeff Daniels in which he reprises his character Will McAvoy from the deceased HBO broadcast news drama The Newsroom.

Who’s Going to Keep Paying For This Crap?

Alex Pareene · 01/29/16 06:34PM

Jim VandeHei, co-founder of The Politico, will leave the Washington-based news operation after the 2016 election. He will take with him Mike Allen, The Politico’s reporter-mascot, who says today that the two plan to start “a new venture that will change the world one more time.”

New York Times Doesn’t Know Who Bought Strange Pro-Bloomberg Ad

J.K. Trotter · 01/15/14 02:01PM

Late last year, print readers of The New York Times discovered a full-page color ad, signed by a group called “Appreciative New Yorkers,” touting former mayor Michael Bloomberg’s policy achievements. “Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg and your administration, for all that you have done for New York City,” it read in large lettering. Who are these thankful New Yorkers with a spare $70,000 to spend on praising a politician? Not even the Times knows.

Bloomberg (Remember Him?) Returns to Bloomberg

Justin Charity · 01/13/14 07:29PM

After a conspicuous 12-year absence from his desk, newly departed New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg returned to work this morning at his flagship media company, Bloomberg LP, in midtown Manhattan. Executives welcomed him with prosecco, cheers, and, we imagine, bated-breath obscenities.

Michael Bloomberg Takes The Train to Nowhere

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 12/22/13 04:30PM

On Friday morning, Michael Bloomberg boarded the 7 train for a ride that lasted a single stop and cost the city $2.4 billion dollars. Where he got off on the far West Side, there is now nothing. In a few years time, there will be condos.

Michael Bloomberg Is About to Lose Control of His Darkest Secrets

J.K. Trotter · 12/20/13 02:48PM

Mike Bloomberg likes his privacy. For ten years, the outgoing mayor of New York has refused to disclose when he visits Bermuda to golf, going so far as to hide his private jet from FAA’s public database. He threw a $160,000 hissy fit over releasing emails related to his appointment of Hearst executive Cathie Black, the failed almost-chancellor of New York City’s public schools. So it’s all the more satisfying that his administration’s records—letters, travel logs, internal memos—will soon come under the supervision of his liberal successor—and enormous Bloomberg hater—Bill de Blasio. That’s because of a law Bloomberg himself signed ten years ago.

Bloomberg View Is the Media's Plushest Gulag

Hamilton Nolan · 12/18/13 11:36AM

Billionaire New York mayor-for-life Mike Blomberg has a dream: a dream that one day, through sheer spending power alone, he can build an editorial Centrist Dream Team that is as lavishly paid as it is widely ignored. His dream has come true.

Nitasha Tiku · 12/17/13 12:15PM

To help avoid regulators, Bloomberg is offering banks more control of instant messages and chat rooms used by traders. The same IMs that were "used to rig interest rate markets, where they left a colourful trail of promised steak dinners and champagne."

The New York Times' Media Columnist Sits in a Bloomberg Chair

John Cook · 12/10/13 05:29PM

New York Times media columnist David Carr has a lot of friends. I'm one of them. I would generally agree that, as the Wire put it this morning, he is "well-loved and respected," and that his column is often "one of the most thoughtful and critical perspectives into journalism." Likewise with the Boston Globe's assessment that he is a "star." These encomia were delivered on the occasion of Carr's ascent to an endowed chair at Boston University's College of Communication, from which chair he will continue to cover the media beat in his weekly Times column. That chair is endowed to the tune of $1.66 million by the chairman of a media company that Carr purports to cover. There's probably a column in that.

Bloomberg Now Bankrolling Cory Booker’s Flagging Campaign

J.K. Trotter · 10/07/13 03:41PM

Cory Booker wants to be a senator so bad. But a string of disturbances—including Booker’s Twitter-flirting with a Portland stripper—have finally caught up to the ambitious Newark mayor: Booker’s lead over Republican Steve Lonegan, once as wide as the Hudson River, now sits between 12 and 3 percent. So Mike Bloomberg, having nothing better to do with his time or money, is bankrolling a pro-Booker ad campaign. Who said Cory Booker spent too much time in Manhattan?