Panicked Weekend 'WSJ' Flees To The Sixth Borough, Where The Rich Just Aren't

Choire · 03/03/07 01:46PM

It hasn't been a good week for what is sometimes referred to metonymically as "the street." Is Depression just around the corner? Perhaps! But with great economic downtowns come great cultural possibility, and if it takes the collapse of the Chinese manufacturing bubble, the dollar, Web 2.0, and VH1 Classics to give the two-year-old Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition a reason for being, then we are ready to do our part and stand in a breadline or two. Indeed, with the Dow downward spiraling and the post-Greenspan, post-nation-state Fed floundering, this week's WSJ Pursuits section hits on such grandeur and tragedy that it might well mark the birth of a novel expressive form; magic realism for the MBA caste.