Payday Loans to Be Marginally Less Terrible

Hamilton Nolan · 06/02/16 08:45AM

A new proposed rule that would ever so slightly curb the excesses of the payday loan industry is an exciting thing: the government, which represents us, acting against awful exploitative money vampires. The system works, a little bit!

Every Lottery Ad Is a Crime

Hamilton Nolan · 11/02/15 12:37PM

Hee hee, ha ha, the New York state lottery has a new series of television ads coming out that pokes fun at the idle rich. Oh ho! Lottery advertising executives should be locked in jail for fraud.

Who the Hell Wants to Go to a Casino in Maryland?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/08/12 04:50PM

The state of Maryland, well known for... always being there, has voted to allow casino gambling. Casino companies spent $80 million to get the bill passed, in order to earn the privilege of building an $800 million "destination resort" in Prince George's County, where people will go and gamble.