Traumatized Fox News Employee Sues Over Bedbug Attacks

Hamilton Nolan · 05/28/08 12:07PM

The victims of the Fox News bedbug infestation are fighting back! Former Fox employee Joan Clark has filed a lawsuit claiming that she has post-traumatic stress disorder from being attacked by bedbugs multiple times at the Fox News headquarters. She says she was bitten by the voracious creatures last October, last November, and just last month. She even claims that her entire department was relocated in a futile attempt to escape the bloodsucking insects! The building owner and maintenance company are named in the lawsuit, and Clark has filed a Worker's Comp claim against News Corp. itself. The full press release detailing her suit is below. We've contacted Fox (which may already be planning its revenge) and Clark's lawyer's for further info. THIS STORY IS FAR FROM OVER.

Huge PR Firm Concerned About Fox News' Bug Problem

Hamilton Nolan · 03/20/08 09:14AM

Fleishman-Hillard, one of the world's largest PR firms, seems pretty worried about that recent bedbug infestation at Fox News! Fleishman is sending out press releases for its client, Hot Shot insecticides, offering a free Hot Shot to anybody who's been a guest on Fox lately. So they don't bring the nasty Fox bugs back home! Funny thing is, most PR firms are painstakingly careful not to offend any media outlets, but here's a brave one that's willing to stand up and call Fox News—I'm really paraphrasing here—a den of dirty bloodsucking insects that has tainted anyone who set foot on its premises. Lots of people have said that before, but never a PR agency. Good show, Fleishman! Hope Fox doesn't get offended next time you're pitching them clients (such as Target, Motorola, Dow Chemical—email me for a longer list)! It's a good thing Fox News doesn't hold grudges, ha ha. Full pesticidal press release after the jump.

Which Fox News Employee Has Bedbugs?

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/08 10:16AM

How is Fox News supposed to bring the REAL news to the American mainstream when they are busy fighting off a bug infestation of the newsroom? If only we were making a metaphorical joke about the network's tendency to employ cockroaches. We're not! A liberal media outlet, the New York Times, reports that Fox News discovered an infestation of the dreaded, disgusting BEDBUGS a few weeks ago "when an employee 'caught a bug and showed it to us.'" YUCK. But Fox News employees get even nastier than that: One of them brought the bugs in!