Fox News Chief Is Mad at Sarah Palin

Max Read · 03/13/11 10:21PM

Remember when former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin performed a vlog where she accused the media of perpetrating blood libel ("a false accusation... that religious minorities, usually Jews, murder children to use their blood in... religious rituals") against her? Turns out she asked the advice of the only person on the planet who might have thought that speech was a good idea. And even he said no! New York's Gabriel Sherman writes:

Sarah Palin Blames the Media for 'Blood Libel'

Hamilton Nolan · 01/12/11 09:29AM

After the horrific Tucson shootings last weekend, future U.S. president Sarah Palin retreated to her prayer cave and prayed for guidance. Today, she's announced her findings: The real tragedy here is "journalists and pundits" who "manufacture a blood libel."