Peter Thiel Is Interested in Harvesting the Blood of the Young

J.K. Trotter · 08/01/16 01:00PM

Peter Thiel, the tech billionaire-turned-Trump delegate who successfully bankrupted Gawker Media, has long been obsessed with anti-aging technologies. He believes people have been conned by “the ideology of the inevitability of the death of every individual,” and has funded startups dedicated to extending the human lifespan. According to Jeff Bercovici of Inc. magazine, Thiel is so afraid of dying that he has begun exploring a novel, and fairly unsettling, technique: Harvesting, and injecting himself with, the blood of younger people.

Polite Blood-Soaked Canadian After Car Crash: "Well, I'm Bleedin'"

Sam Biddle · 01/20/15 05:30PM

If you got into a frontal collision with another car and afterward there was blood streaming down your face, you might leap out and start yelling HOLY FUCKING SHIT MY FUCKING FACE SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW I NEED PLASTIC SURGERY FUCKING HELL OBAMACARE. But in fair Canada, even injurious car accidents are pleasant and anodyne.

Transylvanian "Scientist" Not Even Trying to Hide that He's a Vampire

Caity Weaver · 11/05/13 07:04PM

A kind-eyed Romanian doctor announced this week that he, along with a team of colleagues at Babeş-Bolyai University, had made a marvelous and potentially life-saving stride for medicine, science, and humanity following the successful completion of a round of testing on the artificial blood product they have devoted the last six years of their lives to developing. PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY ARE A BUNCH OF VAMPIRES.

Tennessee Man Cries Blood

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 10/19/13 12:48PM

A Tennessee man uncontrollably cries blood, leaving him without a job and out of school.

My Strange Addiction Features Blood Drinker in Its Most Revolting Episode Ever

Rich Juzwiak · 03/21/13 09:45AM

Last night's episode of My Strange Addiction was the show's fourth-season finale (I'm already mourning) and boy it was a doozy. The entire half hour was devoted to Michelle, a 29-year-old resident of Lancaster, Calif., with a Jane Child ear-to-nose chain situation and an affinity for drinking animal blood and human blood. Michelle is a tattoo artist but not a vampire. She prefers pig's blood to beef blood because it's gamier. She reports that every human's blood tastes different, there is a difference between men and women's blood (men's is thicker) and that she generally extracts it from the upper arm, elbow area, upper back or inner thigh. "I try to avoid the neck 'cause that's way too cliché," says Michelle. And here I thought that Shoshanna telling Ray on Girls that "Sometimes I love you like I feel sorry for a monkey" would be the best thing I heard anyone say on TV this week.

Can Blood Transfusions Cure HIV?

Hamilton Nolan · 02/05/13 02:22PM

Welcome to our science-like weekly feature, "Hey, Science," in which we will have our most provocative scientific questions answered by real live scientists (or related experts). No question is too smart for us to tackle, theoretically speaking. This week, experts address a Gawker reader's wacky theory: Can massive blood transfusions be used to treat AIDS?

No More Blood Left in America

Caity Weaver · 06/27/12 06:00PM

Remember the good old days when America's rivers ran red with blood? When summer thunderstorms rained down blood in big fat drops, staining all our tennis whites crimson? When "Blood. It's What's For Dinner," was for dinner?

Baseball Player Hits Self in Face With Bat

Louis Peitzman · 05/12/12 10:54AM

I don't know much about sports, but I do know everyone wants to see an image of Washington Nationals rookie Bryce Harper up to bat with blood dripping down his face.

Blood Appears in Maxi Pad Ad

Hamilton Nolan · 07/06/11 08:49AM

After all these years of pale blue liquid being poured out of a sterile beaker into a maxi pad in commercials, the truth is finally coming out: there's blood in them thar pads! Bodily fluid advertising expert Copyranter says this Always ad (click to enlarge) may be one of the first times ever that an American advertisement has sullied itself in such a gruesome way. Sorry, gents—it appears that this maxi pad business is not as sanitary as we've all been led to believe.

Will Laser Wheelchairs Spell Doom for the Able-Bodied?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/19/11 04:21PM

Blood tests! Omnipresent alligators! Abounding planets! European telescope! Disappearing Avandia! Sniffing mammals! Laser wheelchairs! Repulsive energy! And DIY levees! It's your Thursday Science Watch, where we watch science—as if Schrodinger's cat would allow such a thing!