Much Like the Irish At Old Timey Factories, Brunettes Need Not Apply at Hudson Hotel Bar

Richard Lawson · 08/23/08 10:34AM

Be warned, ladies. If you want in on the once-great-now-sorta-fading Hudson Hotel bar scene, you better dye your damn hairs did. An irate (hopefully drunk) tipster wrote us last night (well, this morning) about a ridiculous injustice-worthy of the ACLU and inspirational films and the slow mourn of Barber's "Adagio for Strings"-that befell her at the midtown inn. She was denied entrance to the bar, threatened, and shamed. All because her hair was not flaxen.

Emily Gould · 12/17/07 02:30PM

Oho! WE HEAR that model-heiress Lydia Hearst has been shunted aside at Page Six magazine to make way for a similar gal-about-town column by 17-year-old soap star Leven Rambin. Wonder what she thinks of the subway fare hike? Update: Oh, ok, Lydia is "not fired," it's just that Leven will have a column also. The more the merrier.