Blogorrhea NYC: Vengeance!

abalk2 · 03/22/07 01:50PM
  • A vlog entitled, "A brief history of NYC." Alternate title, "I smoked some weed this morning and hung out with my friend Dave and his video camera on the Brooklyn Bridge and recited some stuff I heard somewhere." [a blog soup]

Blogorrhea NYC: No Sex In The Slope

abalk2 · 03/20/07 03:52PM
  • This exploration of how advertisers could have made the NYC Subway condom campaign better is pretty solid. At first we thought there should have been some elaboration on the lack of F line condoms and then we thought, "Lesbians, new parents, old folks... is anyone really having sex in Park Slope?" [rum and popcorn]

Blogorrhea NYC: They Pissed Off Alex Ross!

abalk2 · 03/12/07 05:43PM
  • Fresh evidence that America hates the poor—'Times Select' is now offered free to college kids. What, at $30K a semester the stupid children can't afford a newspaper? Yeah, snuggle up to that demo! [fishbowlny]

Blogorrhea NYC: T.G.I.F-ing F.

abalk2 · 03/09/07 03:50PM
  • It looks like Washington Square Park is finally going to get that long-awaited, long-debated makeover. Related story: NYU starts its own "Park Renaming Committee." Current favorite: The Tisch-Starbucks-Recreational Area. [metroblogging nyc]