Dating, Sex, and Street Fairs

abalk2 · 05/21/07 05:55PM
  • Band manager discovers that we're all a little emo. Apparently she can't get over her ex-boyfriend in the same way we can't get over her line about a Linkin Park album being brilliant. [disappear here]

The Shame Of It All

abalk2 · 05/18/07 02:45PM
  • Here is a picture of a 95-year-old grandma with a horn growing out of her head. [z.madison ]

Stay Hungry

abalk2 · 05/09/07 05:40PM
  • Admit it, you secretly want cystic fibrosis to succeed. [Banterist]

Pluses and Minuses

abalk2 · 05/02/07 03:30PM
  • Repeatedly dating people with the same first name. Plus: It's a surefire way to eliminate that awkwardness after you've called out your ex's name in bed. Minus: You have O.C.D. [trybecca]