Hipster Civil War Breaks Out over Obama Victory

Sheila · 11/12/08 04:08PM

Remember the mysterious Park Sloper who goes by the name Blognigger? He quit blogging at Vice founder Gavin McInnes's website Streetcarnage today with a big fuck-you goodbye on the site itself declaring "OBAMA VICTORY RENDERS HIPSTER 'MOVEMENT' OBSOLETE—Neo-Cynicism Now Strictly For and By the Fags.'" It's very long, very ranty, and very hilarious. Before ol' Gavin—who proudly declared that he didn't bother voting—takes it down, we captured it for posterity. It's a surprisingly snide-yet-sincere post-election call to hope decrying the cynicism of so-called hipster young. Oh, and: "We must never fall into the common retard-trap of allowing ourselves to believe, for even a second, that there’s any deeper 'meaning,' or 'movement' behind our chosen music-and-t-shirt collective."Excerpted from Street Carnage, unless they took it down already: First, social scenes are they are applied to hepcats are analyzed: