Facebook Playboy: 'I'm a Victim' of Facebook Users

Ryan Tate · 05/25/11 01:27PM

Sean Parker said he's been "abused and maligned" by random gossips on Facebook and Twitter. These people have"commandeered my identity," the former Facebook president said. Welcome to the club, Sean.

Your Online Impersonation Is Illegal in California

Ryan Tate · 01/04/11 08:49PM

A reminder to people writing fake blogs and fake social networking profiles: Online impersonation became punishable by up to one year in jail and $1,000 in fines in California this year — and it's not clear satire is exempted.

How Digg Got Spanked By Its Own Users

Ryan Tate · 08/30/10 01:54PM

Unhappy with a deal that's management cut with major media companies, the social news site's users turned Digg's front page into a de facto advertisement for rival aggregator Reddit today, upvoting scores of Reddit links.

Google CEO Disses Blogging

Ryan Tate · 04/12/10 12:48PM

Eric Schmidt runs the biggest single blog network in the world, which makes it all the more bizarre that the Google CEO was insulting bloggers at a newspaper conference today. Was it something we said, Eric?

Yelp-Fight Participant: I Was Trying To Apologize

Ryan Tate · 11/04/09 06:36PM

The Yelp reviewer supposedly attacked by a store owner just got a zero-star rating for honesty. The store owner says it was the reviewer who attacked, even though the owner came in peace to apologize.

The Trolling Cook

Ryan Tate · 10/16/09 11:24AM

Christopher Kimball would like you to subscribe to his magazine and website, and has been trolling various media for attention. The Cook's Illustrated publisher's latest ploy: A cookoff between him and Wikipedia. Talk about a ridiculous match up.

Reuters Implores AP to 'Stop Whining'

Ryan Tate · 08/05/09 08:34PM

Huzzah: A president at newswire operator Thomson Reuters says traditional journalism is not actually being strangled by Google, blogs and the rest of the internet. And that anyone who thinks so — *cough* AP *cough* — should get a grip.

The Time Gawker Put the Washington Post Out of Business

Gabriel Snyder · 08/03/09 10:43AM

Spurred on by his editor, a Washington Post reporter complained over the weekend that we "stole" his profile of a ridiculous "generational guru" when we blogged about it on this site. Our question: where's your outrage at your editors?

Website Shrinks Self into a Twitter Stream

Ryan Tate · 07/10/09 02:27PM

If failing print publications go online-only, what can struggling websites do, short of closing? Turn into microblogs, naturally. It seems to be working for AdWeak, the advertising world's own Onion.

Twitter Founders' Down Market Favorites

Ryan Tate · 05/26/09 04:47PM

Twitter has reportedly been valued by investors at $1 billion. Oprah's on board. And the company's founders are set to headline the high-profile D conference tonight. So it's odd they seem to see their own product as a repository for jokes about cleavage, bird shit and killing Jason Calacanis.

Mayor Says Bloggers Put Her City 'Under Siege'

Ryan Tate · 03/16/09 09:58PM

The Salisbury, Maryland mayor's State of the City address starts typically enough, with talk of drainage, crime, road paving and federal stimulus funds. Then comes the part about the fascist blogger coup.