I Call This Blackmail

Remy Stern · 06/21/11 10:12PM

Aol employee Mike Arrington is angry! The TechCrunch founder and co-editor fired off a histrionic screed yesterday directed at Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr and Hunch, with an explicit threat aimed at anyone who doesn't kowtow to him. [Gizmodo]

CNN Talking Head Erick Erickson Will Endorse You, For Money

John Cook · 06/07/11 11:36AM

If you're stupid or horrible enough to want founder and habitually wrong professional right-wing shit-thrower Erick Erickson to publicly vouch for your product or candidacy, you're in luck! All you need is to pay him, money, in order to compensate him for his credibility among idiots.

You Can Work For Us, Katie Couric

Hamilton Nolan · 05/19/11 02:41PM

Tonight marks Katie Couric's final broadcast as the anchor of CBS Evening News. It's the end of a well-intentioned but fruitless experiment. Sad. Sadder still, Katie still doesn't officially have a new job lined up. That's what friends are for!

Blogger Finds Sensitive NYPD Counterterrorism Documents In the Trash

Adrian Chen · 05/13/11 04:50PM

Hey, terrorists! If you're considering blowing up New York but were worried about the NYPD's crack anti-terrorism team foiling your plot, don't worry: Here's what the largest police department in the country is on the lookout for. A blogger just found the plans in the trash.

A Writer's Astounding Self-Obituary

Ryan Tate · 05/04/11 04:05PM

Derek Miller's public goodbye would properly be called an "auto-obituary," but the title affixed to his final blog entry is plainer and more effective. "The last post" is both a touching farewell and evidence that blogs can still surprise and move people.

Is Nikki Finke Losing It?

John Cook · 05/03/11 12:23PM

Elusive Hollywood rage-blogger Nikki Finke has a well-earned reputation for skirting the bounds of rationality and surrendering to fits of apoplexy. It's part of her charm! But a couple recent episodes, including a pompous, unhinged email to a flack for the Motion Picture Association of America that she cc'd to half of Hollywood over the weekend, suggest that things may be trending south for her.

Brooklyn Delivery Guy Starts Blog Shaming Bad Tippers

Adrian Chen · 04/29/11 04:15PM

If you're ordering in tonight and you live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, watch out: Some vigilante bicycle delivery guy has set up a blog posting the names and addresses of people who give him crappy tips.

Big Tech Blog Says It Has Big Conflicts

Ryan Tate · 04/27/11 08:29PM

TechCrunch's editor has a mounting conflict of interest problem, a problem that will inevitably alter the tech blog's coverage. But don't take our word for it—that's what TechCrunch says.

Masshole Radio Host Brags About Screwing Interns, Gets Fired

Hamilton Nolan · 04/06/11 02:00PM

In your serene Wednesday media column: Jay Severin gets canned, a blogger sues over working conditions, Pinch defends his paywall, Hearst is full of catty status-seekers, and Rachel Maddow will make you a martyr.

You're Fired. Would You Like To Work for Free?

Ryan Tate · 04/05/11 05:58PM

Now that the Huffington Post has taken over editorial operations at AOL, freelance AOL movie writers will be transitioned to a new compensation model that replaces contractual pay with deep, deep appreciation and possibly compliments.

AOL Editor's Departing Diss

Ryan Tate · 04/04/11 04:10PM

Former Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky and a bunch of his old staff have defected from Engadget owner AOL to a blogging company run by their former boss. But not before making clear how much AOL sucked.

Twitter Is Mostly Zombies

Ryan Tate · 04/04/11 12:42PM

More than 175 million people have registered for Twitter accounts. Which sounds very impressive. Sadly for the microblogging startup's multi billion dollar valuation, at least 68 percent of those registrations are considered dormant.

'Hipster of the Decade' Shuts Down His Blog

Adrian Chen · 03/25/11 06:29PM

For years, the pop culture blog Hipster Runoff has puzzled, intrigued and enraged the "alt" and "mainstream" world in almost equal measure. Gawker honored him in 2009 with the much-coveted "Hipster of the Decade" award. But this afternoon Hipster Runoff's enigmatic boss Carles has signed of forever with a short blog post:

Millions of Mommy Bloggers Are For Sale, Cheap

Hamilton Nolan · 03/15/11 10:38AM

Across America, millions upon millions of despondent mothers (3.9 million, specifically!) have started blogs to share their feelings of anomie, their existential despair at the trap that their lives have become, and cleaning tips. Many of them aspire to one day be used as a small cog in a vast corporate marketing machine. They work cheap!