Hamilton Nolan · 05/25/16 07:58AM

A low point of the American experiment.

Hamilton Nolan · 03/30/15 03:48PM

Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, is launching his own blog. Allow us to be the first to say: "Go fuck your mom and die, bitch boy." Welcome to blogging.

Critics Accuse Obama of Snubbing Troops After Obama Honors Troops

Adam Weinstein · 05/19/14 03:50PM

Saturday was Armed Forces Day. How did you celebrate? Oh, you didn't know? Neither did Commander-In-Chief Hussein Obummer. He was too busy celebrating International Day Against Homophobia Or Transphobia. That's according to right-wing bloggers. And they'd never steer you wrong! Right?

"American Blogger?" Yeah Right.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/08/14 02:51PM

In the grand tradition of "American [Noun]" movies comes this new (and apparently real) documentary, American Blogger, the trailer for which is above. You will notice that its "American bloggers" are almost exclusively attractive, well-lit women.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/28/13 04:14PM

One bizarre weirdo blogger admits her secret shame: she doesn't like taking selfies. Thankfully, she's working to overcome this disability.

Max Read · 10/17/13 11:56AM

Just Because You Don't Like a Study Doesn't Mean It Is Wrong

Hamilton Nolan · 07/16/12 01:54PM

Last week, the blog world picked up an LA Times news story about a scientific study that had just been published in an academic journal, Communication, Culture and Critique. The title of the study: "Women (Not) Watching Women: Leisure Time, Television, and Implications for Televised Coverage of Women's Sports."

When Corporate SEO Consultants Attack, Ridiculously

Hamilton Nolan · 03/06/12 11:56AM

When a blogger writes a blog post about something, that blogger will often put a "link" in the blog post that "links" to a related page on the internet. This is just part of blogging. Works pretty well. Until a massive corporation decides to actively get involved. Then, it becomes amusing.