How Will These Blogs Fare as Books?

Sheila · 06/25/08 05:14PM

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? The question applies to blogs (free content) that will soon be turned into books (content you pay for), as well as one-night stands! An as-yet-untitled book by blogger Lizzie Skurnick, based on her Jezebel column about classic children's/young adult literature, just sold to HarperCollins. Which got us thinking: how will the most recent blog-to-book deals sell when they are turned into blogs on paper, bound between two covers? From e-mailing moms to cats doing silly things, we round up some of the recent blog-to-book deals and ask ourselves: want, or do not want?

This Book-Blog Diagram May Be Truthier

Sheila · 05/22/08 02:15PM

Lord knows I can't do math or read Venn diagrams, or interpret any graphs at all. If my life depended on that, I'd probably be dead. But commenter MisterHippity made another version of this diagram, about books by bloggers, and the people who read them. Is it more accurate? You tell me!

Blogs and Books: They Don't Like Each Other

Sheila · 05/22/08 12:54PM

From the Skwib, a graph called "The Economies of Despair." Lesson learned? The people who read books intersect only vaguely with people who read blogs, or people who buy books written by bloggers.