Which Actress Was Almost Too Hairy to Work?

Richard Lawson · 09/17/08 08:55AM

Yesterday you guys were pretty scattered on the identity of the actor who gave his daughter cocaine, but you seemed pretty sure that the preening secret diva gangsta rapper was either 50 Cent or, well, all of them. Today we have a kinky TV star, an actor who went sorta crazy at a car wash, a too-hairy actress, and a vengeful actor who ruined some small businesses out of spite. 1) "Which TV star is on the verge of being dumped by his hot girlfriend? The unlucky-in-love presenter's bedtime demands are just too kinky for this girl next door." [Mirror] 2) "I guess this actor would be considered A list because he does have a franchise. I would call him more B+ list. He is not married currently. He has really begun to change from the funny, sweet guy he was always portrayed in the media to be. Lately though he has snapped at people quite frequently. A couple of weeks ago there was a prime example of this. Our actor took his car to be washed. Well, at this particular car wash, the attendants vacuum and do other things prior to the car going through the wash. Most patrons just go inside and wait. Not our actor who stayed with them every second and made them do everything three or sometimes four times. The lines of cars backed up because of the actor was about 20 deep. After he was satisfied, they moved the car into the wash. The actor went inside to watch through the viewing window. That lasted as long as it took for the car to actually go through the jets of water. After that, the actor went inside the washing area and made sure the attendants got every spot washed and wiped and clean. What should have been ten minutes turned into 30, all because this actor was out of control. Finally, someone in management noticed the line of cars and ordered the actor out of the area. When he refused, they moved his car out, and told him to leave and never come back." [CDaN] 3) "Which gorgeous actress almost lost a plum role recently because of her hair? And we're not talking about the hair on the top of her head. In the weeks leading up to production, she stopped shaving her underarms, legs and nether regions, claiming that it helped her get into character. She then refused to shave for the duration of the shoot. A frustrated director and frantic wardrobe team found themselves scrambling to provide new outfits to cover all her hairy bits." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which actor is thought to have played a part in the damage of some small businesses? It seems that he asked the local businesses to close down one evening to accommodate traffic and security for his private party. The businesses declined. The day after the party, the businesses showed up to find that their sewage systems had all mysteriously malfunctioned for the first time ever, forcing all of them to close while the stinky mess was cleaned up. The business owners don't think it was a coincidence." [BlindGossip]

Which Actor Gave Cocaine To His Young Daughter?

Richard Lawson · 09/16/08 09:05AM

Yesterday you guys didn't seem too sure who the pants-soiling socialite was, but one guess was Elle's Anne Slowey which, hah, is funny. Today we have a secret diva "gangsta rapper," an Indian-giving (no offense!) actor, a dad and his daughter doin' blow, and some sort of couuugar. 1) "Which supposedly hard as nails gangsta rapper is actually a pampered and preened diva at heart? His big minder is with him constantly and runs the star a daily bubble bath and massages his shoulders." [Mirror] 2) "Which a-list actor yanked $180,000 he promised for an African child's surgery?" [Defamer] 3) "Hey, LA is a coke town. Everyone knows it. It is what it is. So, when a C list actor does a little coke in front of everyone it really is no big deal. Sure, we prefer you to go off in a corner, not for privacy, but because the rest of us don't have any. What you don't normally see is the C list actor sharing it with his underage daughter in front of everyone. I say underage, but coke is always illegal, so the whole underage refers to the fact, well she is underage. Will freak you the hell out. Not that a guy sharing coke with his daughter wouldn't freak you out on a stand alone basis." [CDaN] 4) "Which model slash actress just ditched her rich and famous long-time boyfriend for a much younger man? She had been living with Beau #1 at his big house for the last couple of years, and had spoken very publicly about her desire to marry him. However, after a steamy affair with Beau #2, she hastily packed up her bags and left. While she is sure that the magic will last, her friends are afraid that reality will set in as soon as she realizes that she just sabotaged her career." [BlindGossip]

Which Socialite Soiled Herself at Fashion Week?

Richard Lawson · 09/15/08 08:46AM

Welcome back from the icky sticky humid weekend. Today will not be any better, especially now that everyone's finances are in ruin. To brighten your spirits, though, we have blind items about a pants-soiling socialite, a binge eating TV personality, a not so hard working TV actress, and a sorta-celebrity who tries to drop daddy's name to get what she wants. 1) "Which socialite fashionista had to have her boyfriend's assistant bring her a change of clothes at the Bryant Park tents this week after soiling her skivvies?" [NYDN] 2) "Which skinny TV presenter is failing to hide her increasingly apparent eating disorder? During a recent work lunch, she went up to the buffet five times - only to disappear to the loos, minutes after each course." [Mirror] 3) "Former B- and now a solid C lister. Primarily television. Oh, definite B+ name recognition. She was on big, big network shows. Hit network shows. Anyway, she was asked to do an opening for a new fashion line. The company thought she would be a good fit. The only thing she cared about was the paycheck. Scheduled to be there an hour, she stayed 5 minutes, and left." [CDaN] 4) "It's one thing to play the 'do you know who I am' game if you are actually someone. What really sucks is when the person playing it has to resort to, 'do you know who my father is?' The person in question is actually an actress, although C-. The last name doesn't hurt, or else she would be D. Apparently she wasn't satisfied with just one $1000 bag worth of swag and decided she was going to take 10 and give them away as Christmas presents. She was rebuffed, threw the dad thing out there, and the worker after discovering the identity of the dad, said, 'I wouldn't give him ten bags either.'" [CDaN] 5) "This former B+ list actor from an acting family (not the Baldwins) who was once on a hit show. Sounds like he is old, but not even aging. Anyway, while his girlfriend (model, sometime actress, also a famous family) was backstage at a show, he spent the time working the front of the show collecting phone numbers. When he was asked by one woman about his girlfriend and he said they had an open relationship. So, when the girlfriend came out to the front, she was asked about the open relationship. The girlfriend said, "it is now," and then walked out of the show." [CDaN]

Which Singer/Actress Is Secretly In Rehab?

Richard Lawson · 09/12/08 08:43AM

From yesterday: Your vote for the English coke fiend was none other than Queen Elizabeth! And who got a blowjob backstage at Fashion Week in exchange for drugs? Y'all were mostly unsure, but one person suggested Mr. John Mayer. Today we have a star who loves threesomes and has an "ample tackle," and a singer/actress who is secretly in rehab. 1) "Which star likes to indulge in threesomes with women he has just met? The cheeky fella in question chats them up by bragging about his ample tackle." [Mirror] 2) "One of the more noticeable absences from Fashion Week is this former B list pop singer and now sometimes actress who used to be a mainstay at fashion shows around the world. Seems she has been missing, not because of money issues, but because she has been spending time in rehab. Yes, someone you never thought would be in rehab." [CDaN]

Which Singer Received Oral Sex In Exchange For Coke While Backstage At Fashion Week?

Richard Lawson · 09/11/08 08:41AM

Yesterday we asked you about a music mogul who treats his wife like a servant. Most of you seemed to think it was rapper Jay-Z and his leonine wife Beyonce. I say that makes sense. Today we have two stories of cocaine (and sadness), and something about a soap actor. 1) "Which British celeb fled a high-society party after spotting policemen and fearing they were after her coke stash?" [Mirror] 2) "ABC soap. Youngish, but a real soap veteran. Married, but not for forever. But, since he has been married he has been with at least 5 women who are either regulars on the show or extras. Oh, and one of the makeup women as well. Oh, and the 2 women from his old show." [CDaN] 3) "This always causing trouble A list singer was all over fashion week. He was also all over a model at one of the shows. Not wanting to waste more time with her than necessary, he tempted her with a little white powder, went behind a curtain in the backstage area, and allowed her to get her fill. Then he had her do something else for him if you know what I mean. When she was done, he gave her the rest of the little baggie." [CDaN]

Which Music Mogul Treats His Wife Like a Servant?

Richard Lawson · 09/10/08 09:41AM

From yesterday's gambling, fake pregnancy-having roundup you guys seemed to think that the celeb with the betting problem was either Nic Cage or Ben Affleck and a few of you suggested that the twin faking pregnancy to get attention might be either Tia or Tamera Mowry. To which I say: ha! Up on the line today are a music mogul who is treats his wife "like a servant," a real estate broker telling lies about his past, an actress who got extremely coked up for Fashion Week, and a Hamptons hot spot owner who is having an affair. 1) "Which elderly co-owner of a Hamptons hot spot has the locals buzzing because he's having an affair with the very tall, thin, blond wife of a famous songwriter? The melodious husband knows about it and isn't happy." [P6] 2) "Which music mogul treats his superstar wife like she's a servant? But she doesn't mind. 'She's Southern and thinks men should be the boss,' laughs one friend." [P6] 3) "Which veteran real estate broker flabbergasted old friends by claiming in an interview he graduated from a prestigious European prep school? 'I've known him for 30 years,' says one pal. 'He's from The Bronx.'" [P6] 4) "Apparently working out is not the only way this former A lister has for losing weight. During a Fashion Week event in the past two days, our actress, on her own for the first time in awhile decided to prove that she can snort more coke than even Elton John. Whatever was placed in front of her, she hoovered right up. She is not much for sharing though. When someone tried to bend over for a little bit, she told them to find their own." [CDaN]

Which Famous Twin Is Faking a Pregnancy For Attention?

Richard Lawson · 09/09/08 08:55AM

Yesterday we wrote about a wicked politician who uses his political power to try and bed actresses. Many of you ruled out Obama, saying he could do better than the "just one" that the item mentioned. So you moved on to other Dems, specifically Joe Biden and Bill Richardson. I still think it's Dukakis. Anyhooo, today we have a horny, dressing room-sex-having celebrity, a movie star who gambles away millions, and a "famous twin" who's faking a pregnancy. 1) "Which randy celeb turfed his publicists out of his dressing room - as they were eating their lunch - so he could have sex with a girl he'd picked up?" [Mirror] 2) "This one is from the accountant. Turns out, this A list movie star is bad at something else besides fixing his hair. Last year, he managed to lose almost $7 million playing poker. No wonder he wants to make another installment of his franchise." [CDaN] 3) "This famous twin is doing whatever she can to start pregnancy speculation just to get some positive publicity. She's gone so far as to make sure that others know she can't drink or smoke, especially in public, and taking to wear even more hideous and baggy clothing than usual." [

Which Politician Uses His Clout to Sleep With Actresses?

Richard Lawson · 09/08/08 08:42AM

Proving that these Blind Item Roundups need not always deal with frivolous Hollywood antics, today we have a juicy (and important) item about a politician. Yes, politics! I mean, it's about how said politician uses his status to sleep with actresses, but still. And, you know, we also have stories about a drunk musician, a benevolent comedian, and a closeted lesbian. So, enjoy. 1) "Which A-lister got so trashed prior to Fashion Rocks, she could barely walk in a straight line down the red carpet and had to be eased into her seat? Organisers also located an emergency sick bag in case she vomited." [< a href="">Mirror] 2) "To show that not all men behave badly, I thought I would share this little kindness about a B- list comic film actor with a franchise which you would think would make him A list under the rules, but, then you would all laugh. So, anyway, our actor when he goes to dinner parties at restaurants or even at the houses of friends, has all the doggie bags given to him, and passes them all out to homeless people he sees on the way home. In addition to that, he will also raid the dinner parties for extra food and bring it to homeless shelters to serve." [CDaN] 3) "This national political candidate and current politician isn't shy about using his new power to get what he wants, and what he wants are some actresses to be his special contributor. Whenever he speaks at a fundraiser, he takes the opportunity to hit on as many actresses as he can. So far, only one has taken him up on his offer. After a recent cocktail event, he left, and she followed about an hour later. Who is she? Wow. C+ list films, but with some A list name recognition due to her body. Not the sharpest tool in the shed because she really is doing it because she thinks it is a good way to support the candidate" [CDaN] 4) "This closet lesbian B+ list lead actress on a hit network drama almost let the cat out of the bag so to speak. She had a little too much to drink and was finding the woman she was talking to attractive. She thought the other woman also played for the same team and so started flirting fairly aggressively. The woman however was straight, and also was rather loud about her shock in discovering our actress was a lesbian to the point where people noticed." [CDaN]

Which Actor Obsessively Weighs His Girlfriends?

Richard Lawson · 09/05/08 09:33AM

Yesterday we posted about a porn person who doubles as a drug dealer, and you guys seemed to go where I was thinking: Girls Gone Wild impresario Joe Francis. So yay/sob for that! Today we have a long story from our good friend at Crazy Days and Nights about someone named AP and her run in with a woman whose life is viciously controlled by a formerly huuuge television star. Read the saga after the jump. "It has been too long since we have heard from AP. Hell, it has been too long since I have heard from AP. But, she called me last night and told me about something she saw over the weekend. I personally hate this kind of thing, and I do want you to know that AP had a long talk with this woman and told her to call anytime day or night. AP was working out, and she noticed this really attractive woman who was working out and crying at the same time. Not crying because it hurt or anything, but real tears. So, AP asked if there was anything wrong. Well, it turns out that the woman is dating a married former A list television actor. When I say A list, I mean he was A+ list. Aging. Not too old. Very famous relationships. Not doing much now. Well this actor is an a-hole but this woman is in love with him and he has her convinced that he is going to leave his wife, and yada, yada, yada. Now, this guy used to be really good looking, but now, not so much. Anyway, each morning he has the woman weigh herself and send him a video of her weighing herself. She has to send him photos everyday of how she looks and what she is wearing. If she doesn't weigh what she is supposed to or doesn't look acceptable he yells at her and screams at her and basically treats her like crap. When AP spoke with her, the woman actually used words and phrases like "he doesn't like it" and "he demands perfection." AP just knows the guy and knows he yells and screams a lot so is assuming he berates her just like he has berated everyone he has ever been with. The ting is, he only sees this woman once or twice a week, but he still demands perfection everyday. Plus, she has to let him know exactly where she is going and with whom and she just does it all without question. The morning in question that AP saw her, the woman was two pounds over her ideal weight and so was trying desperately to work it off because our actor had threatened to not see her that night unless she did, and there were plenty of other women he could be seeing if she could not do it. The thing is, he has this woman so messed up in the head that she barely knows herself anymore. AP was almost crying when she shared this, and AP never cries. Ever." [CDaN]

Which Porn Personality Is Also Dealing Drugs?

Richard Lawson · 09/04/08 08:46AM

Y'all were pretty scattered when posed with the question of yesterday's secret sex recorder, but one of you did make an impassioned plea to ban all non-academic, non-filthy uses of the word "cum," and I am totally with you on that. Anyway, after the jump we have a self-conscious coke sniffer and porn person who is also dealing drugs. Maybe to the self-conscious girl! 1) "Which naughty celeb asked to check a female fan's photograph to make sure she had wiped the Columbian marching powder from his nose?" [Mirror] 2) "You can add drug dealer to the list of accomplishments of this "porn" celebutard. Apparently though, he makes even celebrities pay for it much to the chagrin of this allegedly clean, home team B- film and television actress who spent much of Friday night trying to convince our tard that she was good for the money, and was even willing to play for the other team on film if he could see his way into giving her some. They weren't seen leaving together, so apparently he wasn't interested. Unlike him, but possible. Would be a big money maker." [CDaN]

Who Secretly Records His Sexual Trysts?

Richard Lawson · 09/03/08 08:59AM

Yesterday we speculated about a plastic surgery-addicted morning show host with a powerful husband, but most of you steered clear of guessing on that item. Has this powerful husband threatened you in any way? We still think it might be Julie Chen, but again, she doesn't exactly look "porcine" to us. Ah well. Today we have a hip-hop mogul who secretly records his sexual liaisons, a restaurateur cum rich guy-pretty lady yenta, and an abusive gay guy. 1) "Which hip-hop mogul had a hidden video camera installed in a light fixture in his bedroom? He likes to record his sessions with unsuspecting ladies for future replays." [P6] 2) "Which high-profile restaurateur has been introducing top models and ex-beauty queens to billionaire playboys? The wealthy bachelors will get a chance to express their gratitude when the restaurateur asks them to invest in his business." [P6] 3) "Which closeted actor who once dated an actress 'beat the hell out of her,' according to her friend?" [P6] 4) "Which celeb pair snuck off to the toilets during the GQ awards do for a cheeky shag?" [Mirror] 5) [Ed. note: Just give this one a shot, I guess...] "It has been about six months give or a take a month or two that I had a blind which talked about a marriage that had ended almost as soon as it began. It involved a female lead from a hit network drama. So, I'm sure one of you mater sleuths will find the item. Anyway, I always was under the impression that they broke up because he is a loser, and she finally caught on to that fact. Well, he is a loser, but what he managed to do in the very short time they were together is burn through almost every dollar she has earned for the last three years and her earnings for the foreseeable future. Turns out that besides his horrendous business sense, that he is also a huge gambler and was signing marker after marker in Vegas based solely on his wife's income. Our actress has so little money right now that the only way she can afford to drive a car is because the dealer is giving her one for free for promotional purposes and her agent bought her another." [CDaN]

Which Morning Show Host Has a Bad Plastic Surgery Addiction?

Richard Lawson · 09/02/08 08:56AM

Plastic surgery addictions are scary, mostly because the situation gets so exponentially worse every time the habit is indulged. So it's distressing to read a blind item today about a "morning show gabber" with a "powerful husband" who is addicted to the nip, tuck, and suck. The first person who comes to mind is Julie Chen, who is married to CBS honcho Les Moonves. Though Chen doesn't exactly seem "porcine" yet. It could also be Diane Sawyer, if you consider director Mike Nichols powerful. Speculate on this and several other blind items after the jump. 1) "Which society type who's taking a walk on the lesbian side should be more careful with her extracurricular activities? She's been taping pornos with her new lover 'for fun.'" [P6] 2) "Which morning show gabber needs to get help for her plastic surgery addiction? Her latest cosmetic procedure has left her looking "perfectly porcine" - a look her powerful husband seems to love." [P6] 3) "Which reality show castoff has been dating a journalist sent out to interview him for a glossy? The pair met over the q-and-a and fell so hard they are apparently moving in together." [NYDN] 4) "Which gold-winning Olympian has been hooking up with all the male members of her team? They call it riding the train." [NYDN] 5) "Which singer has been penning emotional songs about his close female friend... unbeknown to his fiancee? Hmm, doesn't sound like the route to wedded bliss to us." [Mirror] 6) "So what do you do if you are a C list actor from film and television with B+ name list recognition. You have been through several marriages, one of them extremely high profile, and have suffered through battles with drugs and alcohol and are apparently losing them again. Why, you go on sets and badger co-stars, former co-stars and others to buy Amway or whatever the hell they are calling themselves now. Our actor specializes in victimizing people with bit parts who don't want to upset him and possibly get fired so invariably buy things." [CDaN] 7) "Some new information about one of the bigger breakups of the year. It was an A list actor and a wannabe. Apparently the A list actor found out that the wannabe had stopped taking birth control. He found this out when she told him she might be pregnant. Apparently he felt that her purposefully not taking the pill in order to get pregnant violated a rule and showed her the curb." [CDaN] 8) "This A list actor who had some serious health and emotional issues last year, but was allegedly on the straight and narrow either doesn't care or had a huge slip over the weekend. At the same party that brought us two blinds from yesterday, our actor managed to consume almost an entire bottle of vodka all by himself. Sweet and very quiet was how the spy described him." [CDaN]

Which Actress Is a Drunk, Just Like Her Daddy?

Richard Lawson · 08/29/08 09:07AM

Hey hey Friday, long weekend, yay yay. Yesterday you seemed to think that the brothel owning country singer was none other than ol' "boot up your ass" Toby Keith. Which would be funny because that guy is a massive tool, but unfortunately that's not who it is. It's Jewel. After the jump we have (again) a cokey roberts, a drunk just like her daddy, and weed smokers. DRUGS. 1) "Which supposedly clean celeb gets her pals to check up her nose for fairy dust before leaving her trailer to mix with her public?" [Mirror] 2) "Like father, like daughter? Despite being a couple of years underage for drinking, this B- list actress from a top rated network drama kept downing shot after shot after shot after shot at a party this weekend." [CDaN] 3) "At the same party, these two related celebutantes shared a few joints with their bad girl hero. Of course the bad girl hero is now about 15 years removed from her height of fame, but hey, she has another chance again starting next week. I'm trying to think if the trio have slept with any of the same people." [CDaN]

Which Country Singer Invested in Houses of Ill Repute?

Richard Lawson · 08/28/08 08:55AM

If you are bored this weekend while everyone else is away, go see Boeing Boeing on the Broadway. I saw it last night and it is really, really fun. (Mary McCormack, who knew?) Something that was probably also really really fun was the three hour sex fest enjoyed by an actor and an extra, our blind item from yesterday. Y'all were pretty divided over the identity of the fellow; some said it was Charlie Sheen, others Jeremy Piven. My favorite theory was Sam Waterston. Today we have a 70's pinup who got into an awkward situation involving gum during sex and a morally outspoken country singer who secretly has investments in several overseas brothels. 1) "Which 70s pin-up got himself into a rather sticky situation during a recent amorous encounter when his partner forgot to remove her chewing gum?" [Mirror] 2) "This A list country singer who is really outspoken and appears to be morally on the straight and narrow, has some business interests he probably hopes his fans never hear about it. Turns out that he owns about a 30% interest in a group of brothels in Amsterdam as well as in Bangkok. According to person who told me about it, the singer sees nothing wrong with it because they are legal in those countries and he says it is much better than getting free drinks at some club you own. Nice." [CDaN]

Which Fallen Star Has Resorted to Porn?

Sheila · 08/25/08 10:59AM

Your real dad isn't in today (he promised he'd be back soon and also pay back the money he took from your sock drawer), so it's up to me, your slatternly stepmom, to fill in the blanks of today's blind items. After you bring me my cigarettes and get your goddamn dog to stop barking, I'll give you the list of today's blind items, and maybe who we can figure out who The Hill's drug dealer is, who's a porn "extra," and who tries and fails to hit on college spring-breakers.1.) "Which fallen TV host and one-time pin-up is so desperate for work, he's resorted to becoming an 'extra' in the porn world? The poor lad is terrified someone will recognise him..." [Mirror] 2.) "Which newly single TV personality tried out his sonorous baritone on young co-eds while vacationing in Mexico? 'He was bouncing between college girls like a pinball,' says our spy. 'His son was there, and it was embarrassing to watch.' Even worse, we hear there were no takers." [Daily News] 3.) "Lunch break for the crew on The Hills allows this drug dealer to make his way unnoticed into the house of one of the male stars of the show. Oh, and he comes over everyday. Sometimes more than once a day. OK, he also takes care of one of the female stars as well, but the male star passes it along to her." [CDaN]

Which Celebrity Couple Demonstrates Their Love Through Cocaine?

Richard Lawson · 08/22/08 09:06AM

Yesterday you were very curious about the Olympic lady who slipped poop drugs into her teammates milkshake ("drainage!!!!") or whatever. Lots of you thought it was the perky and pleasing Shawn Johnson who got shit stormed by the cold and calculating Nastia Liukin. But you're all wrong, haha. I just put my 1994 pants on and it's Nancy Kerrrrigran and Tonya Herrrdingggg. No, no it's not. I'm sure it's ones no one's heard of. Like divers or something. Anyway, today we have a coke-addicted actor couple, a preggers actress, and a pregnant American Idoler. Enjoy! 1) "Which celeb couple like nothing more than spending a quiet night in chopping out lines of coke and egging each other on to finish gram after gram of the stuff?" [Mirror] 2) "This C+/B- list film actress with B+ name recognition is knocked up. Apparently the person who knocked her up is none other than a married director. That should all turn out well for everyone." [CDaN] 3) "Speaking of pregnant. You know the American Idol participant who was weighing the Playboy offer? Well it turns out she needs to hurry because rumor has it that she is also in the family way." [CDaN]

Which Olympian Slipped Her Teammate A Laxative?

Richard Lawson · 08/21/08 08:39AM

There lots of blind items yesterday, and many disparate theories abounded. But you all seemed to agree that the comedian whose slutty, "coke fiend" of an assistant is the reason his marriage ended is none other than Mr. Robin Williams. Nanu Nanuuuu... For today we have Olympic rivalries, a bitchy TV personality, and two actresses with a little-more-than friendship that's on the rocks. 1) "Which two perky Olympian teammates are really bitter rivals? One spiked the other's protein shake with laxatives before a big competition, but her plan backfired when her nemesis not only powered through the competition but beat her so-called friend anyway." [NYDN] 2) "Which popular TV personality is decidedly less popular with his production crew? Not only is he incredibly rude, he also makes work experience lackeys do all his research for him." [Mirror] 3) "I always thought that one day these two female B list actresses (#1-tv and film equally; #2 primarily tv) with almost identical careers who are best friends would get married. Well, they still might actually, but for now they are on the outs. If I could cackle right now, I would. The two have been known to vacation with each other. However, when it came time to go this year, #1 thought she was going to have other plans, so #2 made plans with some other celebrities, because that's what celebrities do. They vacation together. Well, when #1's plans fell through she naturally thought she could tag along. Not so fast. Turns out #2, et al didn't want #1 around and #2 didn't hold back in telling her why. As in 30 minutes of telling off. Should have done that a really long time ago." [CDaN]

Which Actress Hired a Fake Paparazzo To Follow Her Around Town?

Richard Lawson · 08/20/08 08:37AM

From yesterday's items, the consensus seems to be that the bitchy celebrity who refused to be photographed unless she was surrounded by other famous people was Madonna. And that actress wife who is abusing her actor hubby? Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Hah/sad. But, really, who knows! (Oh and that secret gay rapist actor from Monday? Some say Will Smith, others Christian Bale.) Today we have a TV star obsessed with an assistant, a fame-grubbing actress, and an American Idol who might be posing for (gasp!) Playboy. Oh, and, holy crap a ton of items from Michael Musto. 1) "Which TV star has developed an unhealthy crush on his assistant? He bombards her with inappropriate calls day and night, and even tells her about, er, special dreams he is having." [Mirror] 2) "This C/B list television actress on a very hit CBS show is tired of no one paying attention to her. So, she did what any self respecting person would do in her situation. She hired a photographer who now follows her all day in his car and takes shots of her when she gets out, when she shops, shouting her name, drawing attention, whatever he can. He then tries to interest the magazines in buying them. Hasn't really worked well so far as no one ever posts any photos of her or talks about her." [CDaN] 3) "This American Idol top 5 alum is thisclose to posing for a Playboy shoot in order to get her career back in gear again. Waiting in the wings? An alum from the same year who will only get the green light if the other alum passes on the deal." [CDaN] 4) "Do you think the fact that this funnyman has an assistant who is a coke fiend and will sleep with anyone had an effect on the breakup of his marriage?" [CDaN] 5) "Which local drag star only tops for the hottest guys? (And she gets them, honey.)" 6) "What designer's ex-boyfriend has a shady habit of trying to sneak the condom off in the middle of sex? Should he be arrested for attempted mass murder?" 7) "What local oddity, who's exceedingly large of penis, recently kept promising me future bouts of sex while more urgently milking me for tips on what fabulous parties there were to go to that week?" 8) "Who stopped e-mailing him back? Which Olympics star is rumored-and only by complete crazies, mind you-to have cut off his wee-wee so he can swim faster? Wouldn't it have been a lovely oar?" 9) "Which candidate's wife, when greeted at an invitational dinner by a designer from her hometown, looked completely stonefaced and couldn't even muster the slightest bit of charm or human connection? Did she forget she regularly shops at the store that designer is featured at?" 10) "Which late modeling titan once said of a future superstar, "I don't sign midgets," and of another closeted one, "He's too ethnic"?" 11) "Which faded action hero once crapped in the shower of a Vegas casino just because he could? (No shit!)" 12) "Which ex–child star was begged by that woozy actress to take the three-way out of her book, but got to keep it in after she threatened to put in far more damaging things?" 13) "Which young TV actress turned chick-bonding-type-movie ensemble player is supposedly so dumb she couldn't find her name on her own birth certificate if she had to?" 14) "Which toupée-wearing comic has been known to murmur, "Horny, horny, horny" in clubs while pointing at cute boys for his handlers to bring over for seduction?" 15) "Which designer is so cheap that once, instead of hiring a fitting model, she used an intern with scoliosis? Does she wonder why that line looked a little off?" 16) "What teen who was on a soap opera vividly remembers the married male 'throb of the show ringing her for attempted booty calls?" 17) "Which TV weatherman (no, not that one) broke up with an emotionally abusive boyfriend who used to berate him for being too femmy?" 18) "Which famous blogger was pitched an item by a New York daily paper's writer and responded: 'How about if the [New York daily paper] does a feature on me?'?" 19) "What heavy-metal rocker stayed true to his taste by lodging at a glamorous Holiday Inn in Jersey when he had business to do in New York?" 20 "Which abrasive royalty type from a reality show was unshockingly seen doing copious amounts of blow in a tacky nightclub? Might that explain her annoying energy level?" 21) "Which ex-discovery of that 50-year-old pop star responded to new photos of another of her ex-discoveries by saying: 'He looks beat up'?" 22) "Which same guy admits to people in clubs, "I could suck the alcohol out of a deodorant stick" in between choruses of "I'm high, high, high"? (And probably horny, horny, horny.)" 23) "Which '80s sitcom diva once called the show's head writer to say of her most problematic co-star: 'We have to stop calling her a cunt. She is now officially megacunt!'?" 24) "Which manic screen comic regularly has cast members gather 'round to watch his rushes and likes them to scream with laughter over how utterly brilliant he is?" 25) "Which downtown dealer/personality no longer counts Heath Ledger as one of her clients? Is that why she seems to be in hiding?" 26) "Which famous twin not only looks homeless, she has a distinct body odor about her too, a scent some feel is based on sheer arrogance?" 27) "Speaking of which, what Broadway website editor often takes two to three weeks to answer business e-mails and then barely responds with any concrete information anyway? (When you bitch to him about this, he doesn't respond at all.)" 28) "Which Ben Franklin look-alike on the scene once offered someone $500 if she'd let him touch her penis, but the problem was she didn't have one?" 29) "Which smash comedy writer-director has a long history of 'borrowing' jokes from anyone else who's gotten a laugh with them?" 30 "Which image guru changed his own look by losing weight and shaving off his hair, then was horrified to find people were gossiping about whether he had cancer?" 31) "Which pop tart's dad has had more legal woes than the public knows about, dating back to various forms of fraud and other icky business?" 32) "Which rock star's wife recently went into a department store and started her purchasing experience by saying to the personal shopper: 'Do you know who I am?' (That's obnoxious, but probably not as bad as the more familiar 'Don't you know who I am?')" 33) "Which late tycoon would, with typical suaveness, tell people about his legendary wife: 'No one sucks dick like she does!'? Did his penis shoot oil?" 34) "What romantic lead of a Lindsay Lohan film has such little improvisational skill that in the middle of sex with a guy, he once blurted: 'Fuck me, you big, uh, nelly queen!'?" 35) "Which late comedy legend slipped out an anti-gay joke on the air, but two of his children-a daughter and a son-happen to be totally that way?" 36) "Which old-time actress (who starred in a Twilight Zone) has gleefully carpet-munched with the daughter?" [5-26 from Michael Musto]