Which Tween Star Is A Secret Junkie?

Richard Lawson · 11/13/08 09:53AM

Yesterday you guys concluded that the sad lady who desperately tried to keep her reality show on the air was Denise Richards. Which I think is exactly right. So, well done all. Today we have a tween star with a secret heroin problem, a new mother who's doing drugs and drinking on the sly, and a performer who made up a scandal to get more famous (it didn't work.) 1) "Some very odd behavior from this tween star. And I do use the term tween star. Outside of the tween world probably B- list, but in the tween world and A lister for sure. All of the missed interviews, plane flights, and screaming fits and repeated bouts of the flu over the past few weeks make a lot more sense when you realize that our little tweener has a big problem with heroin. A big problem as in trips away from LA have been a real challenge and has made life miserable for everyone she encounters. With no steady supply our actress has been getting worse and worse. A quiet "vacation" is no doubt in the works in the very near future." [CDaN] 2) "Which new mom is having a little too much fun when her baby's dad is out of town? Booze and coke aren't quite the best diet for someone who is still breastfeeding." [Star] 3) "This young performer deserves a smack upside the head. She manufactured a scandal that has been known to gain "exposure" for other young stars. She cried big fat alligator tears about how someone was out to ruin her. It was all actually a publicity stunt staged by her to jumpstart her negligible career. Looks like the girl will have to marry her boyfriend with the famous name to generate publicity." [BlindGossip]

Which Movie Star Has A 'Limp Noodle' Problem In The Bedroom?

Richard Lawson · 11/12/08 10:08AM

Yesterday you guys thought that the actor who got brutally rebuffed whilst trying to chat up a dame was Shia LaBeouf. I guess that lady saved herself from being brutally LaBeouf'd! Anyway, today we have a rapper with a very strict health food regimen, a gay basketball star!, an impotent fella, and a cheating husband. "Which hardcore rapper has banned all frozen food from his dressing room before he performs? His band are furious as he insists they stick to a celery and hummous diet." [Mirror] "This NBA star and when I say star, he is definitely All Star caliber is sleeping with this male B list actor from a Top 20 network drama. Yes, they say they are just friends, but it is way beyond that." [CDaN] "He is an actor who has been called one of the hottest men in the world. However, she is less than thrilled with the relationship. He has a problem in the bedroom. Even the little blue pill doesn’t work. She calls him “The Limp Noodle” or “Mr. Noodle” behind his back. Frustrated, but reluctant to leave him because being part of a celebrity couple has its perks, she has resorted to seeing an old boyfriend on the sly to satisfy her carnal needs." [BlindGossip] "Which proud new papa isn’t much of a family guy? The handsome actor, notorious for having a roving eye, was spotted leaving a downtown hot spot with the beautiful bartender." [NYDN] "What reality TV “star” was so desperate to have her barely watched show renewed that she agreed to a 70% pay cut for the second season?" [Sigh... Perez Hilton]

Who Is Using His One-Night Stand With a Famous Actress To Further His Career?

Richard Lawson · 11/11/08 10:03AM

Yesterday you guys thought that the show threatened by its actors' egos might be that Sarah Conner Chronicles With The Terminator show that Brian Austin Green is on. I'll take your word for it! Today we have a married star who's steppin' out on the wifey, an A-list star who got dissed publicly, and an actress who's getting sold out by her one night stand. 1) "Which mature married star went home with at least 10 girls' numbers in his little black book? The naughty boy was eyeing up lovelies all weekend." [Mirror] 2) "Even an A lister gets unlucky sometimes. There was some previous discussion whether this individual is actually A list. If he isn't A then he is right on the cusp. Apparently all the women surrounding his table thought he was A list or at least wanted him to think so. Allegedly dating someone everyone thought he was behaving himself except in the drinking department until a model walked by. He immediately ran over to the model and began trying to hit on her. Apparently though she didn't know who he was. When he informed her drunkenly who he was and what he had been in, she said, 'I don't really care. Plus if you need to list your accomplishments to get a date, you really have not accomplished all that much.' It would have been nice if this had been a quiet conversation, but unfortunately for our film actor the entire group surrounding the table all heard it. Nice." [CDaN] 3) "Which married actress needs to do a better job selecting her one-night stands? Unhappy in her marriage to another celebrity, she thought she was being discrete in her selection of boy toys by choosing another actor with a familiar name. Unfortunately, the boy toy has a big mouth and aspirations of superfame, and sees her as his ticket into the big time. He has been making mention of her name and their liaison at multiple auditions in the hopes that it will help him move him up from supporting actor to star." [BlindGossip]

Which Obamaniac Actress Hopped In The Sack With a Conservative On Election Night?

Richard Lawson · 11/10/08 09:45AM

I am back from vacation! I don't know why I'm exclamation marking that, because it's actually just kind of depressing! In honor of my return there is a blind item bonanza after the jump. We have a Lehman Brothers wife going on a shopping spree, a billionaire trying to sex it in the bathroom, PageSix using cutesy quotation marks to describe gay marriage!!!!!, one about Scarlett Johansson probably, and a bunch about some other people. Read them and discuss while I lie here on the floor, dreaming ever still of California! Sob! 1) "Which wife of a top Lehman executive went on a $132,000 shopping spree at the Americana Manhasset Mall the day after her hubby filed for bankruptcy?" [P6] 2) "Which skirt-chasing Euro-billionaire tried to share the bathroom at Rose Bar with a young businesswoman who rejected his offer to perform a disgusting act." [P6] 3) "Which hot downtown eatery employs a manager who's notorious for hiring and promoting women she can sleep with, despite the fact she's "married" to another woman?" [P6] 4) "Which Obama-loving actress got extra-frisky on Election Night? After a heated debate with a conservative bartender in West Hollywood, she invited him back to her place for a good old-fashioned, bipartisan romp in the sack." [NYDN] 5) "This married A list country singer has a very jealous wife. She has toned it down lately might it come raging back when she discovers why her husband saw a doctor twice while he was on the road recently." [CDaN] 6) "Which A list action star is paying big bucks to an unknown female actress to be his girlfriend for the next two months while he is doing press for his new film. He wants a girlfriend to talk about and not the increasing questions about his sexuality." [CDaN] 7) "Two singers. One male, and one female. Yes, they are a couple but not in the same group. He has been a solid performer for a few years. Her? Not so long, but a much bigger name. Well as much as the two profess their love for each other you may think it must be just a perfect relationship. It was until she started sleeping with her agent whenever she can ditch the boyfriend." [CDaN] 8) "Which A-lister demanded all air hostesses [Ed. note: That's classy talk for stewardess!] dressed in sexy lingerie while serving him on his flight to Monaco? The scruffbag also insisted male cabin crew be removed from the flight." [Mirror] 9) "Which TV series is so full of big egos that it may doom the show? 'Each actor is crazier than the next,' whispers a staffer employed behind the scenes at the sophomore drama, 'and they all pretty much hate each other.' The male lead can’t stand his love interest, and their lack of chemistry together is obvious to viewers. The good news is the nightmare may soon be over for all concerned, because although the show enjoys a rabid cult following and solid critical support, its ratings are such that a third season is looking very unlikely." [BlindGossip] Also, SERIOUSLY PAGE SIX, IN THESE TIMES?? I LOVE YOU, RUPERT!!!

Which Soap Star Started Sleeping With A Teenager?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/07/08 09:29AM

It just might be that celebrities really have changed their ways for our new, hopier President, because they damn sure aren't doing things that will cause them to show up in blind items in the gossip pages. Richard, my colleague who is the heavy favorite for the 2008 PEN Literary Award for Eloquence in Blind Items, will be back on Monday, and the real dirt will surely start back up again by then. For today, all we have is a middle-aged soap opera star banging his producer's daughter, and an extremely vague "actor" who is "rude." Might as well read them, it's Friday: 1) "Yes, I know some of you dislike the soap opera ones, but there are lots that do love them. Today lets go over to NBC. Which married male cast member who has been on the show for a very long time is sleeping with the daughter of the one of the producers? Not a really scandalous thing until you realize she is still in her teens and our cast member is certainly past middle age. At least she is in college now. It was much tougher to get together when she was in high school. I will say that it has always been legal though apparently. Did not start until she was 18." [CDaN] 2) "This actor is going to find out the hard way it doesn’t pay to be rude and disrespectful to your peers. He may be good looking, but his bad attitude and weird behavior is ruining his career." [Blind Gossip]

Which Celebrity Demanded To Vote Ahead Of Everyone Else?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/06/08 09:22AM

So, have you all signed up to feed the homeless, tutor a child, and read to the blind thanks to your lingering Obamamania? No. No you haven't. Instead you sit poised to judge the secret foibles of others, which, let's face it, is the right thing to do, because your clicks translate into solid American jobs in this shaky economy. The true patriots: you. Today in blind items, a celebrity chef who's cheating on his wife, a celebrity who hilariously misunderstands "democracy," and a paranoid singer secretly trailing her man: 1) "Within the past month or so I think I posted about a celebrity chef who was cheating on his wife. The celebrity chef is known to all of you. Would he be A list? Sure. Definitely. Anyway, the update is that I was unsure who he was cheating with. Turns out it is one of his restaurant employees. Not someone who works with him on television or with his books, but a restaurant employee. This could of course be the reason why he is spending so much time at that particular restaurant lately." [CDaN] 2) "Which celebrity showed up at a polling place on Election Day, saw the long line, and demanded that she be allowed to skip to the front? When special accommodations were not made for her, she stormed off in a huff, presumably to another polling place where people would acknowledge her superiority and personally escort her past the unwashed masses into a voting booth big enough to accommodate her inflated ego." [Blind Gossip] 3) "Which freaky singer is so worried her bloke will cheat on her that she's told her family to tail him..." [Mirror UK]

Which Actor Covered Up A Sexual Assault In High School?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/05/08 09:31AM

Did you expect that celebrities would all turn their attention to the election last night, and therefore the tabloids would refrain from printing scurrilous blind items on this day of historic import? You foolish, foolish bastard. Gossip does not "Change," nor does it "Hope." After the jump, an actor with a secret history of sexual assault, a fading socialite, a singer with dandruff, and a (possibly flack-concocted) item about the nicest actress in the whole wide world: 1) "WHICH aggressive TV, stage and movie actor has a shady past? Rumor is he sexually assaulted a girl while in high school and his family had the situation "swept under the rug" [P6] 2) "WHICH oft-photographed socialite/designer is losing her grip on the fashion world? Luxury brands no longer send her clothing and accessories and don't want her in their ad campaigns." [P6] 3) "Which popular male singer is hiding a hairy secret? His dandruff has got so bad, his flunkies are having to go out and buy him industrial strength supplies of special shampoo..." [Mirror UK] 4) "A list actress. Hell, she isn't just an actress, she is also a producer and a very successful one at that. About three months ago our actress was in downtown LA and was headed for dinner. She saw a family that was huddled about 50 feet from the restaurant. Obviously homeless, the dad had a sign while the mom watched their two children. Our actress could have just gone into her dinner, but, instead walked over to the family and started asking them about their life. It was during this that one of her dinner companions also showed up at the restaurant. Through no fault of their own this family was stuck. This actress could have walked away, but instead she canceled her dinner plans, got the family to a hotel and got them some food. Over the course of the next week she found them a place to live, hired the husband for her company, helped the mom get the kids in school and found a job for the mom as well." [CDaN]

Which Action Hero Made Out With A Costumed Man This Halloween?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/04/08 09:14AM

Today is election day, and the patriots among you should all be standing in long, demoralizing lines at polling centers right now, rather than reading tawdry celebrity gossip. But we're here to serve you, much like the Republican party. Yesterday you guessed that the starlet who couldn't stand her fake boyfriend was Blake Lively, and the socialite's sister banging an OJ witness was maybe one of the Kardashians. Only Jesus knows for sure! Today, an action hero actor's secret man-date for Halloween, a celebrity couple in trouble, and Borat be banging beau coup broads: 1) "Our B list actor who used to be an A list action hero was at a party with someone everyone assumed to be his girlfriend. His girlfriend is somewhat, but not overly famous, but this person was wearing a Sue Storm from Fantastic Four mask so no one could tell. Throughout the night the pair spent more and more time groping and kissing in a corner and on a couch and less time mingling. It was during one of these makeout groping sessions later in the evening that the mask slipped off the woman and it was discovered our action star was with another guy." [CDaN] 2) "Which presenter has requested a lock on his dressing room door so that runners stop walking in on him having sexy time with a string of ladies..." [Mirror] 3) "They have been together for several years, and enjoy the prestige and perks that come from being part of a famous couple. The only problem is that they can’t stand each other. They essentially lead separate lives, but are photographed together at red carpet events to allay suspicions, and to allow each of them to continue to command top dollar for their respective projects. However, she doesn’t know that he is sleeping with one of her closest friends." [Blind Gossip]

Which Starlet Can't Stand Kissing Her Fake Boyfriend?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/03/08 09:25AM

Good morning! WHICH gossip blog editor who usually writes the blind items post went on vacation, and may or may not still be passed out from last night's unknown debaucheries? (IT'S RICHARD). Nevertheless, we're not going to let you, the public, go a single day without semi-slanderous thinly veiled celebrity gossip items to project your own insecurities upon. After the jump, a coke-sniffing wife of an athlete, a socialite's sister with two degrees of sexual separation from OJ Simpson, and a starlet who hates her "faux boyfriend." 1) Which sexy starlet keeps blabbing that she can’t stand her faux boyfriend? The producers of her hit show hooked the young couple up as a publicity stunt, but she says that every time she has to smooch him in front of the paparazzi, it’s like “Frenching a lizard.” [NYDN] 2) "WHICH sister of a much-photographed socialite should be more discreet? She was at Dorrian's Red Hand the other night, making out until closing time with O.J. Simpson murder trial witness Keith Zlomsowitch, who had a sexual encounter with Nicole Brown Simpson . . . " [P6 ] 3) "WHICH former TV star gets Botox injections when she goes in for hair and makeup? The Hollywood mom avidly avoids the paparazzi, but is very friendly to photographers on the red carpet - after being fully prepped of course." [P6] 4) "Which [wife or girlfriend of a prominent European athlete] is battling to keep a lid on her drug habit? She is regularly powdering her nose in the toilets and prattling on, making absolutely no sense at all." [ Blind Gossip]]

Which Starlet Might Be Drunkorexic?

Richard Lawson · 10/31/08 09:03AM

So basically you guys figured that yesterday's guy who likes to have sex with hookers on a pile of money could be anyone and everyone. And you are right. So, there. Today we have a film director robbed by hookers, a drunken actor, a star who is dating his stalker, and a girl who drinks way more than she eats. 1) "Which blockbuster director has only himself to blame for his recent burglary? After a hard day of filming, he decided to unwind with a couple of prostitutes who stole his valuables." [P6] [This ran a couple weeks back in 'BlindGossip,' and now it's in P6... so it must be true!] 2) "Which actor [at the Quantum of Solace after party] had to be tricked into drinking water to sober him up?" [Mirror] 3) "I guess this actor is B list, because he was the lead in a popcorn flick. It did not do as well as expected. He really is more of a name than a great actor. When asked about his most recent girlfriend and how they met, our actor came up with about five different stories leading most to speculate he purchased her for the evening. Not so. The reason he is shy about where she came from is she spent six months stalking him. One day he was lonely and invited her in, and now they are inseparable. This won't end well." [CDaN] 4) "She thinks that she can never be too thin. He does. He has tried to get her to gain a few pounds for her appearance, her health, to set a good example. He stands by her in public, but confesses to friends in private that he is repelled by her appearance. There have been a lot of screaming matches over the weight topic, so they have been spending more time apart, punctuated by the occasional very public appearance together. She is a valuable asset to his own career, so he may not leave her, but he has been quietly scoring the digits of normal-sized girls who catch his eye." [BlindGossip] 5) "Which young star is doing more drinking than eating? Those working with her are concerned that she is both perpetually hungover and getting thinner by the day." [BlindGossip]

Who Likes To Have Sex With Hookers, On Top Of A Pile Of Money?

Richard Lawson · 10/30/08 08:41AM

There was one compelling theory yesterday that the star who unwittingly slept with his half sister was Usher, whose father is secretly Ben Vereen. Zoobilee Zoinks! Today we have a TV show that might be shut down because of its star's drug habit, an athlete and an 'entertainer' who are secretly dating, and a designer who loves a roll in the money hay with rentboys. 1) "What network drama is in danger of shutting down production because its lead has come down with the "flu"? The flu is actually a really bad drug habit that needs attention now. Producers and writers have been scrambling for the past week to figure out a way to write the character out of the next few episodes so the actor/actress can get help." [CDaN] 2) "Which athlete and entertainer are dating on the sly? One of them lives with an unsuspecting spouse, the other with a steady. The couple are bound to be discovered, though. Too many people have seen at least one of the intimate texts he sends each day extolling the impact her warmer bits have on his private parts." [BlindGossip] 3) "This well-known and very established designer is coy about his sexual preference, but he really lets loose when he picks up street hustlers. He’s got a lot of money and loves to get the boys excited by throwing handfuls of bills on the bed. He gets very turned on by rolling around and having sex with his rentboy on the money. When the encounter is over, the boy peels the bills off their sticky bodies and usually goes home happy with at least $500 in his pocket." [BlindGossip]

Who Accidentally Slept With His Sister?

Richard Lawson · 10/29/08 09:16AM

Yesterday you guys figured that the balding foreign movie star had to be Jude Law. I think you're right. Good work, all of us! Today we have a singer with a bad BO problem, a tweensy star with a sex problem, a secretly married couple, and a guy who boned his sister. Yup. 1) "Which British female singer has such a bad BO problem, her poor entourage are forced to restrict their breathing to avoid inhaling her sweaty fumes?" [Mirror] 2) "This female tweener star may want to head on over to her doctor. Why do you ask? Well her tweener boyfriend picked up the gift that Paris made popular. And here we thought they were monogamous." [CDaN] 3) "Which celebrity couple has secretly wed but still haven't told anyone except their immediate families? One is more famous than the other, but you would recognize both names. He wouldn't mind telling people, but she is extremely protective of their privacy after a negative experience with the paparazzi a while back." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which young famous black performer didn't know the identity of his real father and thus wound up sleeping with his own sister? The young man (who we'll call Junior) was the product of an affair his mother had in the seventies with a talented married black celebrity (who we'll call Senior). Although there was the occasional wicked whisper because Junior and Senior resemble each other physically and have similar triple-threat talents, neither Senior nor the woman ever told anyone that Senior was Junior's father. They really thought they could keep things quiet, live separate lives, and carry the secret of Junior's true ancestry to their graves. The situation changed when Senior learned that his daughter from his second marriage had begun dating Junior. Very alarmed and needing to intervene without divulging his paternity, Senior quickly inserted himself into the situation, became Junior's friend and mentor, and forced the young couple to break up. It worked. Junior still doesn't know that Senior - whom he greatly admires - is his real father, or that his former girlfriend - to whom he lost his virginity - was his own half-sister." [BlindGossip]

Which 'Showmance' Is Hiding Two Big Gay Secrets?

Richard Lawson · 10/28/08 08:49AM

Hello rainy Tuesday! Apologies for my absence yesterday, I was watching two friends get married. Yay for J & A. Onto the dirt. Today we have a teenage star who scared away her boyfriend, a couple having kinky sex, a balding star, a tantrum-throwing TV star, and a secret gay affair. Enjoy! 1) "Which teenage drama queen has been so demanding that her dreamy boyfriend has unofficially jumped ship? He's now secretly smooching one of her gal pals." [NYDN] 2) "Which couple are hiding a rather unorthodox sex secret? Both prefer the same sex and use their 'showmance' purely to rake in lucrative advertising deals." [Mirorr] 3) "This foreign born B list film star who was shooting for A list before he started losing his hair and his box office mojo is apparently extremely sensitive about his hair. How much? Well, he was buying a suit a few weeks ago and the salesperson suggested a hat because he thought it would go well the suit. Our actor took it the wrong way though and took a good five minutes to yell at the offending salesperson before throwing the suit on the floor and kicking it around a little and then walking out the door." [CDaN] 4) "B list television actress who used to be on a hit and is now on a new show. Not the most fun person to work with according to the crew. For someone who is lucky enough to have a career she sure loves to play the game of don't talk to me. Apparently unless you are a producer or director on the show, you are not allowed to speak directly to her. Well, the crew loves nothing more to talk to her anyway. They love doing this when they need a break because they know she will throw a tantrum and retreat to her dressing room for at least an hour." [CDaN] 5) "Which celebrity had sex with his sister? Find out at 3:00 p.m. EST today!" [BlindGossip] 6) "Which soon-to-be-announced celebrity couple split will get really ugly if the truth about the husband's activities are revealed? They have made plans to play nice in public and pretend that their breakup is amicable and mutual, but it is unknown whether the wife will be able to keep up the facade, because right now she can barely contain her rage over his behavior. She flipped out once when she found out he was cheating. Again when she found out that he was cheating on her with a man. And a third time when she found that his down low behavior had resulted in him giving her a nasty STD." [BlindGossip]

Which Actor Was Secretly Filmed Doing Drugs By An Undercover Reporter?

Richard Lawson · 10/24/08 09:30AM

Yesterday you guys talked a lot about the celebrity couple who moves to a new home every time they want attention. Some thought it was TomKat, others Brangelina. Sadly you were all wrong. It was Home Improvement star Richard Karn and his beautiful wife, Tudi Roche. Today we have a Gerri Halliwell blind item!, a secret baby mama, an actor caught doing blow on camera, and an actress who will stop at nothing (nothing!) to get a role. 1) "Which famous celeb tried to pull me by leaving his room key backstage at Top Of The Pops? I turned him down, urgh, it was so tacky!" [Mirror, and ZOMG!, this was written by their guest-editor, Spice Girl Gerri "Sexy Spice" Halliwell!] 2) "Hollywood couple, one more famous than the other, both are household names. Everything looks pretty on the outside, but she has a dark secret. While working on a project, she had a brief affair with another performer with whom she had some history. That fling resulted in a child. She is terrified about what would happen to her relationship and family and reputation and career if her husband found out that he was not the baby’s father. It’s bound to happen eventually, though, because the fling has a very distinctive look, and the child is looking more and more like him with every passing day." [BlindGossip] 3) "Which actor was secretly filmed doing drugs? He thought that the woman was simply a friend of a friend in a partying mood. He didn’t know that during their time together that she was a reporter and that she had secretly filmed him snorting cocaine. The reporter is now looking to profit from the brief but damning piece of film." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which Hollywood actress is using underhanded means to obtain choice roles? She once announced that she had secured a choice role before it was actually offered to her, causing the director’s choice for the role to back off. More recently, she has been spreading nasty rumors about her competitor for another role, which include accusations of plastic surgery, relationship troubles, pregnancy, self-harming, and more." [BlindGossip]

Which Famous Old Man Loves To Give Kids Drugs?

Richard Lawson · 10/23/08 08:51AM

Yesterday we talked about a gay/gay/straight love triangle. A lot of you guys thought it Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronosn, and Chace Crawford. But that can't be, because there's supposed to be a straight person in the mix. Anyway, today we have an older famous lady giving out drugs to the youngins, a dim celebrity who's trying to be a lesbian, a singer attracted to a drag queen, a couple who moves to get attention, and a former beauty lost to drugs. 1) "Which wrinkly celeb hands out ecstasy tablets to young female clubbers like they were sweets? Bet they won't be in a hurry to sit on his knee." [Mirror] 2) "C lister who wants the world to think she is a lesbian, needs to be a little more careful if her plan is going to succeed. She has been doing her best to find someone to play her girlfriend, but no one wants to even be her pretend girlfriend. Anyway, that is beside the point. Last night her little makeout, grope session with the C list actor who has had his own issues will probably stall her little effort." [CDaN] 3) "Married, former A list singer. Wife not with him. Went straight for the drag queen at a party in the last few days. Did not leave his side once. Interesting." [CDaN] 4) "Which press-hungry duo keeps moving simply to keep themselves in the headlines? They claim that they need to move because of work demands. However, one half of the couple recently confessed to a friend that they strategically court projects requiring long-distance relocation to feed the press newsworthy material. They do some very public house-hunting, make a big splash in the new city, and then drag the child(ren) around with a whole new crew of paparazzi in close pursuit. When the act gets stale and they start slipping out of the headlines, they hit the road again." [BlindGossip] 5) "What former bombshell needs someone to come to her rescue? Her drug use has ruined her looks and foiled any hope of reuniting with her ex. Insiders say her career is the next to go." [Star]

Who Is In The Gay/Straight Love Triangle?

Richard Lawson · 10/22/08 09:12AM

Yesterday y'all seemed to think that the faking-it reality couple was either the Osbournes or Heidi and Spencer from The Hills. Both good guesses! I also chuckled at the suggestions that it was the Roloffs from Little People, Big World or Stella and Ratbones. Today we have a drug-addled reality star, a popstar who used to be a dud with the ladies, an escort-loving star, a gay/straight love triangle, and a TV star about to be fired. 1) "Which reality star has-been should tone down the drug use? The dethroned tabloid subject brought two eight balls of coke (7 grams) to a weekend getaway. She was last seen at 7 a.m., trying to find someone to play charades with her." [NYDN] 2) "Which man-of-the-moment popstar was not such a hit with the ladies at school? His nickname was 'Bender'" [Mirror] 3) "Talk about embarrassing. Wow. I can't decide who was the more embarrassed. This married A list director enjoys perusing escort sites and calling one to come over to his hotel room, especially when he is on the road. In this instance though he was in town, but was put up in a hotel because he had been doing press earlier in the day. Before heading home to the missus, he decided to call up his favorite agency and they sent someone over. Well imagine the shock on the face of both our director and the escort when it turned out to be the cousin of the wife's director. They had just seen each other at a family gathering two days prior. There were a lot of umms, but both decided it would be just a little too strange to do anything. Most guys would have gone home to the wife, but not our director. He called up the agency and got someone else." [CDaN] 4) "Which gay couple is fighting over a third party? Both members of this couple are in the entertainment industry, one more famous than the other. The third party, who is also a famous entertainer, has become quite the couple-wrecker due to some sexual waffling within the established couple. The most interesting fact here is that the third party is the opposite sex of the couple, and has been battling rumors about sexuality, too." [BlindGossip] 5) "If this TV personality is going to survive, she is going to have to reinvent herself. But if she keeps talking trash about her former boss, her career may be dead in the water." [BlindGossip]

Which Reality Show Lovers Are Living A Lie?

Richard Lawson · 10/21/08 08:39AM

Though you were, as usual, somewhat divided, the majority of you seemed to think that yesterday's singer with a stealing husband was poor old Ashlee Simpson. Would serve her right, in my estimation. Anyway, today we have a tiny singer who's scared of getting caught with drugs, a reality show couple who's just pretending to be a couple (gasp!), and an actress dating a married man. 1) "Which pint-sized crooner recently stood up his date because he was too scared to drive into Canary Wharf? The star feared the area's tight security would sniff out his drugs." [Mirror] 2) "This reality show couple who basically makes a living being a couple is not really the couple they pretend to be. It seems that not only do the couple not sleep together, most of the time they do not even sleep in under the same roof. Can't stand each other, but suffer through pretending for the sake of the money. Not who you are thinking. Think bigger." [CDaN] 3) "This actress has finally landed a married man. She tore her way through married actors, singers and athletes, and now she’s got her married man. He’s so smitten that he’s ready to go public. He has already bought his mistress a condo." [BlindGossip]

Which 'TV Pin-Up' Is Cheating On His Lady With Two Men?

Richard Lawson · 10/20/08 08:42AM

Brr, it's cold in here. There must be some blind items in the atmosphere. (I apologize.) But seriously, it is cold this morning and there are a bunch of blind items. After the jump we have a TV star secretly dating not one but two dudes, a cradle robbing A lister, a TV show ruining America's reputation abroad (even more), crazy models, a nasty divorce, and a pop star who's about to be outed. 1) "Which handsome TV pin-up is secretly seeing two guys behind his unsuspecting girlfriend's back? The trio have been enjoying a string of sordid romps during breaks in filming." [Mirror] 2) "So, earlier this week, we had an A lister who was spotted ignoring his companion. Well,, the reason he may be ignoring her is that he is having a thing with a VERY much younger than him C list film actress who co-stars in a brand new film that stars a guy from one of my favorite television shows." [CDaN] 3) "This is an unusual one. Just the name of a show rather than a person. What brand new television show, filmed outside the US, has pretty much ruined it for all companies that want to film there in the future. The reason? The crew working the show had never been treated as badly in terms of verbal abuse, lack of respect and working conditions. In addition, a local girl was severely burnt in the face and upper body when a light exploded on set. By way of compensation she was offered a job in a city 300 miles away from the village where she has lived her whole life. Obviously she could not do it, and the production company just didn't care. It gave her one option, and one option only." [CDaN] 4) "What singer and I use that term loosely is running out of money fast? The reason? Her fairly new husband is now acting as her business manager and using her bank account as his own personal ATM. In the short time they have been married she has lost almost $5M all because of him." [CDaN] 5) "Bar staff at one Mayfair hotel were treated to the sight of which supermodel getting very drunk and flirty in the bar? She started to lunge at the cutest boys behind the bar to try and drag them up to her room but was escorted out by management when things got really out of hand." [BlindGossip] 6) "Which divorce will get even more complicated when multiple affairs are uncovered? Everyone thinks that one party was primarily responsible because they were out of control and having an affair. The truth is that BOTH were having affairs. The couple wants to hustle the divorce process along, but once the paramours start coming out of the woodwork and talking, it’s going to get very complicated and very ugly and very expensive." [BlindGossip] 7) "Which supermodel of yore is now a complete alcoholic? This is something of an improvement as a visitor to her house once noted that there were loads of wraps of coke lying around her house, some within easy reach of her toddler! No, it isn’t the one you think." [BlindGossip] 8) "We thought the days when it was normal for the tabloids to “out” male pop stars was about over. And yet we hear that one of the [tabs] is looking to do just that. It’s sad to think that the sexuality of a star of teen pop and musical theatre is that interesting or surprising. Let’s hope they change their minds." [BlindGossip]

Who Is Trying To Keep His Baby a Secret?

Richard Lawson · 10/17/08 08:31AM

Yesterday y'all chuckleheads figured that the scruffy actor giving away STDs like Zagnuts on Halloween was either Colin Farrell or Owen Wilson. Both are brave choices and probably both true. Today we have a celebrity who manically calls her Pilates instructor, a former rock star who is going blind, and a celebrity who is keeping his baby under wraps. 1) "Which celeb has a Pilates instructor on 24-hour call for whenever she has a "fat day"? The freak-out sessions usually happen in the middle of the night after a few glasses of wine." [Mirror] 2) "Former A list rock singer. Now, just someone we love to sing with at clubs and see in the odd film cameo is going blind." [CDaN] 3) "Which well-known young black celebrity paid off the mother of his child to keep her quiet? She seduced him and purposely became pregnant. She threatened to go public to alienate his female fans. He shut her up for a six figure sum. The baby is the spitting image of the father, but the public has no idea that this man is the father of any children, never mind this one." [BlindGossip]

Which Actor Is Giving Lots Of Ladies A Dangerous STD?

Richard Lawson · 10/16/08 10:26AM

Yesterday y'all figured that the mom addicted to 'hillbilly heroin' was none other than actual heroin addict Nicole Richie. I'm not so much surprised/disturbed by the unanimity as I am by the fact that you all seemed pretty confident that you knew what 'hillbilly heroin' was. So, um, good work? Today we have a dude with a drugs problem, an actor hanging out with drug dealers, a dangerously skinny new mom, and a scruffy guy sending ladies to the sex disease clinic. 1) "Which celeb makes no secret of his "secret" drug habit? He was supposed to have given them up years ago but offers strange looking pills to young ladies whenever he is out." [Mirror] 2) "This B list film actor who has always done films is in the midst of quite the career comeback. However, on the set of his latest film he has reconnected with an old friend from the past. The old friend was his drug dealer who has always been known as the drug dealer to the stars. No, granted, being seen at dinner with the guy does not mean our actor is partaking again of drugs, but why is he even having dinner with him in the first place?" [CDaN] 3) "Which celebrity has taken drastic measures to eliminate the baby weight? Always thin before pregnancy, she was unhappy with her post partum body. So she had a lapband installed to get off those last pesky ten pounds. Her weight has now plummeted to alarming lows. Her partner's pleas to remove the lapband are falling on deaf ears, as she is convinced her weight will skyrocket if it is removed." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which well-known actor has at least two female celebrities running to the clinic? This male actor is of the scruffy-attractive variety. He has a reputation for being wild both in and out of the sack, and has had bedded quite a few celebrities. Unfortunately for all involved, he also has a dangerous STD and favors unprotected sex. A very famous blonde celebrity and a perpetually troubled black rapper are among those who are now terrified for their health." [BlindGossip]