Which TV Star Became a Creepy Stalker?

Richard Lawson · 12/11/08 09:56AM

Today we have an actress who thinks she's skinnier than she is, a (yawn) secretly gay TV guy, two Hollywood rich guys into skiing with younger ladies, a secret stalker, and a secret mama.

Which Supermodel Can't Stop Getting Plastic Surgery?

Richard Lawson · 12/10/08 09:35AM

Yesterday you guys resoundingly declared that the lady reluctant to marry her new beau in case her old one splits up with his main squeeze was Jennifer Aniston. I could see that being a sad reality. Today we have a TV actor who dates mens on the sly, a supermodel who's full of Botox, a love triangle, and a sad ruined (and foodless) marriage.

Which TV Star Lies About Helping Needy Families?

Richard Lawson · 12/09/08 09:27AM

Yesterday you guys determined that the musical power couple on their way to divorce was either Gwen and Gavin or Mariah and Nick. You know, Gwen from Sales who sings at church, and Mariah Carmichael, that wedding singer. You know Mariah, she lives on Elm, near the park? Anyway, today we have a comedy actor who lies about charity work, an actress playing the field, a TV fellow about to be axed (old, but updated!), and another drug addict.

Which Former Tiger Beat Cover Boy Is Now Doing Gay Porn?

Richard Lawson · 12/07/08 10:38AM

Hi there. The economy stinks, so I have to work on the weekends. At least I have terrible, no good, very bad celebrities to make myself feel better. Today we have a badboy young actor, an actress's vomity dog, a cheatin' hubby, and a teen star turned porn star. Enjoy them all after the jump, then go get me a mimosa. Thanks.

Which Actor's Wife Bought Him a Bra For His 'Moobs'?

Richard Lawson · 12/05/08 08:59AM

Yesterday you friends guessed that the celebrity who went from smoking cigarettes to smoking drugs was, gasp!, terrorist-elect Barack Obama. And the parking ticket obsessed guy? Jerry Seinfeld. Interesting indeed. Today we have an actor with an embarrassing man-boob problem, a druggie singer who might get kicked out of her group, and a rising star whose parents just don't understand.

Unlike Tina Fey, Which Celebrity Lies About How He Got His Scar?

Richard Lawson · 12/02/08 09:52AM

Because of all the magic innuendo, you guys thought that yesterday's maybe gay young star was Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe. An answer that I rather enjoy. Plus, I've already seen him naked! I didn't write home about it. Today we have an NBA star (that's basketball, fruits) who dressed up as Santa and got his freak on, a little teeny celeb who smokes like a chimney, and another celebrity with a scar story.

Which Actor 'Likes To Pull Rabbits Out of Men's Bottoms'?

Richard Lawson · 12/01/08 09:36AM

No more time off til Christmas, boo hoo. At least we have some blind items for you on this barren December 1st morning. An editor giving his lover unfair promotions, a model doing lots of blow, an actor doing lots of blow and being gay (we think? we don't really speak British), and a famous fellow who got himself circumcised after his disapproving mother passed away.

Which Celeb Escaped To Las Vegas To Avoid A Family Thanksgiving?

Richard Lawson · 11/28/08 11:24AM

Happy Turkey y'all. Yesterday I ate food and then tried to play Wii with my younger cousins and basically fell over. On the plus side, it's warm in Florida. How was your holiday? While you contemplate how to answer that, take a took at these blind items, after the jump: two warring movie stars, a bisexual singer, a cheatin' husband who ditched on Thanksgiving, and a celeb switching from one drug to another.

Which Singer Might Come Out Of The Closet On National Television?

Richard Lawson · 11/26/08 09:26AM

According to yesterday's palaver, you all seem to think that Katherine Heigl is getting canned from Grey's Anatomy. To which we say duhhh. Anyway, today we have a socialite who doesn't know she's broke, a very open same sex couple, a maybe-gonna-come-out R&B singer, and a celebrity couple on the skids. 1) "Which publicity-loving socialite has a set of parents-in-law who can't keep up with their bills? The upper East Side couple keep moving from apartment to apartment to avoid paying their obligations, including more than $30,000 in medical bills. One posh Park Avenue doctor has even hired a private investigator to track down the pair's current residence to get them to pay up. Their daughter-in-law still thinks they're flush with cash and, even though she doesn't have any income of her own, continues to spend, spend, spend." [NYDN] 2) "Which same sex couple, who publicly claim to be devoted to one another, actually enjoy a very open relationship - regularly picking up new partners in sleazy Soho strip clubs?" [Mirror] 3) "The husband is a celebrity, and the wife is a B- list actress who is pregnant. I know I usually give more identifying information, but this one time I think it is best not to. One of the things about this is that there have been two different versions flying around town. One is that he has been cheating on her not with anyone in particular, but basically just a string of no names that are attracted to him. The other version is they both cheated. I've met her, but never met him. So, with that in mind, I'm going to have to say that I don't see her ever cheating and that he, in fact is the one doing the cheating. While she's pregnant? That's pretty low." [CDaN] 4) "Which popular R&B singer is seriously considering coming out as a gay man on an upcoming TV show? It seems that the show’s producer and the singer’s ire over the whole Proposition 8 debacle have inspired him to come out of the closet in a very public way.We’ll see if he has the nerve to actually go through with it." [BlindGossip] 5) "Which celebrity couple has relenquished control of the family to their offspring? This goes beyond spoiling. They let the child/children make all their own decisions about education, food, clothing, travel, and activities. Before you know it, the kid/kids will be picking the parents’ projects and handling the money. The parents seem to think that the decision-making will result in more self-assured adult/s. However, right now it’s just the tail wagging the dog. Other family members are concerned that some of these decisions may be endangering the health and safety of all involved." [BlindGossip]

Whose 'Exotic Hooker' Problem Is About To Be Revealed?

Richard Lawson · 11/25/08 09:34AM

Yesterday you guys were pretty torn about the TV cohosts who, in the delicate words of my colleague Sheila, are doing it. Mike and Juliet? Regis and Kelly? Hannity and Colmes? Probably all of them! Ah well, moving on. Today we have a celebrity with a hooker situation, an actress brazenly fooling around on her husband, and a TV star who's about to get the axe. 1) "Which celeb is terrified his thing for exotic hookers is about to come to light, to the horror of his wife and children?" [Mirror] 2) "Apparently though his B+ list actress wife with A list name recognition does not have the same fear of her husband. While shooting her new film, our actress has got extremely hot and heavy with one of the producers on the film. The producer is going through a divorce, and now one has to wonder if our actress would be willing to do the same. Wow. This would be a tabloid feeding frenzy of epic proportions." [CDaN] 3) "Which character on an popular TV drama is going to be killed off? While the character is one of the key members of the cast, the actor or actress’ bad behavior has caused friction within the cast and has exhausted the patience of the show’s head honcho." [BlindGossip]

Which TV Cohosts Are, You Know, Doing It?

Sheila · 11/24/08 10:03AM

Isn't it so much easier when you just admit that you love trashy gossip and have left The Dubliners unread on your nightstand for months? After the jump, trash: which television co-hosts are getting on a little too well at work, stripper-sharing exes, a gal celeb caught spiking her water with vodka, and a well-known socialite with no money of her own who keeps spending her in-laws' cash.1.) "Which TV host has such good rapport with his fetching female co-host that his wife has correctly guessed they're having an affair?" [P6] 2.) "Which ex-couple - an actor and a model - still share some aspects of their sex life? Both are known to sleep with a fa mous Lower East Side topless dancer who has a reputation of never going home alone." [Page Six] 3.) "Which celebrity has been hiding her raging booze problem by slipping vodka into coffee cups and glasses of water?" [Mirror] 4.) "Which publicity-loving socialite has a set of parents-in-law who can't keep up with their bills? The upper East Side couple keep moving from apartment to apartment to avoid paying their obligations, including more than $30,000 in medical bills. One posh Park Avenue doctor ha seven hired a private investigator to track down the pair's current residence to get them to pay up. Their daughter-in-law still thinks they're flush with cash and, even though she doesn't have any income of her own, continues to spend, spend, spend." [NYDN]

Which Singer Had It A Little Too Rough While Overseas?

Richard Lawson · 11/21/08 10:22AM

Yesterday you guys were pretty torn about the gold digger who's leaving her man now that the money is gone. Someone said Granny and Jed Clampett, which was funny. Ah well. Today we have an actress on a two month long coke bender, a gay singer who had some too-rough sex overseas, a paparazzi hungry actress, and a celeb who's going to giver her baby the craziest name ever. 1) "Which US actress has been trying to mend her recently broken heart with a two-month cocaine bender? Her entourage fear constant sniffing and weight-loss will lead to grief." [Mirror] 2) "This openly gay singer has spent some time overseas. When I say overseas, I mean not in his home country wherever that may be. Anyway, it turns out that our singer got into some trouble recently. Not the kind of trouble you would expect, but more of the, "crap this is going to cost me big." Our singer has always had a bit of a violent streak when it comes to his sex life. He knows this and only participates with people who are aware of it and can handle it. Never been a problem until now. Seems that while overseas he took a liking to someone who was ill prepared for the experience and ended up in the hospital for several days. The person he took a liking too was barely legal. Hell, might not have even been legal. It took a massive monetary bribe to make his parents go away, and not press charges. It took another massive bribe to keep the one of the local papers from printing the story. Look for our singer to be playing a birthday party really really soon." [CDaN] 3) "Which now-pregnant celebrity is determined to give her baby the most talked-about baby name ever? The father wants the baby to have a normal name like his, and is furious that she is determined to give the baby a really stupid name simply for the attention it will generate. He should not be surprised, though, given that she spends a lot of time thinking up new ways to get press. The most recent iteration of the name consists of something you would buy from your butcher plus the town where they believe the baby was conceived. No, it’s not Prime Rib Pittsburgh, although that would actually be an improvement over the one she wants." [BlindGossip] 4) "This celebrity couple is breaking up, but not for the reasons that you will read. The truth is that she isn’t getting the attention she craves - from the paparazzi. The couple was photographed constantly in the beginning of their relationship, but attention has since waned, and thus her interest in the guy. She even considered having a baby to generate more attention, but instead decided to ditch him and start fresh. Her next beau - who has already been selected - will be someone who will generate that photo op buzz to which she is addicted. Her big decision now is whether to roll out the new guy now, or to wait until after New Year’s to take advantage of the slower news cycle. Yes, she is that calculating." [BlindGossip]

Which Gold Digger Wants A Divorce Now That The Money Is Gone?

Richard Lawson · 11/20/08 09:38AM

Yesterday you guys figured out that the world famous band that's on the verge of a breakup was none other than that British hodgepodge of soaring balladeers known as Coldplay. What will wannabe artsy studio pictures use for their trailers?? Today we have a singer whose boyfriend pressures her into abortions, and a gold digging celebrity wife. 1) "This B- list R&B singer just had her second abortion that her A list producer/singer boyfriend made her get. He says he doesn't want anymore kids and that if she wants to be with him then she needs to stay childless. I don't know if she is on birth control or not. I just know the details of what happened. She did get a nice $200,000 piece of bling after the first abortion. No word on what she got after this most recent one." [CDaN] 2) "Which celebrity wife is leaving her celebrity husband because he can’t support her over-the-top lifestyle anymore? Her husband was a high flyer who provided her with multiple homes, cars, jewels and financial support for her own ventures. Now that he’s having money problems, she is looking to bail. He is begging her to stick out this tough period with him, but she has already told friends that she has her eye on a replacement." [BlindGossip]

Which TV Actress Has Switched From Booze To Meth?

Richard Lawson · 11/19/08 09:47AM

Yesterday one of you suggested that the authoress plagued by gambling debts was Margaret Atwood. Which I thought I was funny. Maybe she'll be forced to become a handmaid. Today we have a bunch of items for you, about a divorcing socialite, a rude TV sidekick, a band about to split up, and a pregnant star who's not being careful about her pregnancy. 1) "Which Park Avenue socialite split from her husband when she discovered that he'd been enjoying secret conjugal relations with one of her best friends for years?" [P6] 2) "Which hit television show sidekick kicked an aspiring actress out of his cab after she refused to go to his apartment with him to 'cuddle over milk and cookies'?" [P6] 3) "Which longtime New York basketball legend, whose wife handles his business, has gone bankrupt twice?" [P6] 4) "Which talk-show host has a flatulence problem so bad, he's said to have an assistant follow him around with an odor-vaporizing spray can?" [P6] 5) "Which globally acclaimed band is on the verge of splitting up because the egomaniacal frontman hogs all the limelight?" [Mirror] 6) "This aging, but not old, former B list television actress from a very hit television show and sometime film actress from some very forgettable films is someone with B+ name recognition and a career that has had lots of stops and starts. One thing has been holding her back for years. She thought she found a way to solve the problem but it didn't work. She has always had an alcohol problem but now she has discovered a new best friend called meth. Her habit has got so bad that she cannot always wait for her dealer to come to her. Several times she has had to actually go out in her very conspicuous car and go make buys herself." [CDaN] 7) "Which actress is making a play for her ex? Her husband is a recovering addict, and as time goes by, she is finding it more and more difficult to be supportive. Meanwhile, she has reconnected with her ex, letting him know that she thinks about him as the one who got away. At first the ex was cool towards a reunion, but it looks like her daily phone calls and emails are starting to warm him up. But when the actress’ husband and the ex’s wife find out what’s going on, expect everything to hit the fan." [BlindGossip] 8) "Guess which childhood star who is currently pregnant needs to be a bit more careful about what she ingests? During a recent premiere, sources claim the actress was “totally high on something” and looked like a 'junkie'. it gets worse. A reader claims the actress 'could hardly keep her eyes open' when greeting the crowd. How very sad indeed!" [I'm Not Obsessed]

Which Author Sold The Rights To Her Books To Pay Off A Bad Gambling Debt?

Richard Lawson · 11/18/08 09:30AM

Yesterday you guys thought that the secretly gay hunk who would devastate all his lady fans if they knew was Robert Pattison from that new Twilight movie. Which, ha ha ha, I hope that's true and just want to watch everyone's faces at a Twilight convention when it's announced. Anyway! Today we have a supposedly virtuous singer whose stepping out on her husband, a writer with a bad gambling problem, and a pill popping young actress. 1) "Which sexy singer, who pretends to be whiter than snow, was caught holding hands with another man? It will be the end of the married babe once her fella finds out." [Mirror] 2) "This female best selling author got into some serious debt because she is addicted to gambling. With casinos hounding her for payment, she turned to a "friend" to help her out. The friend gladly paid off the entire debt to the casinos, but in return got our author to sign over any and all future rights from her books. This author has always been reluctant to have her books appear as films because of some bad previous experiences, but now, she really has no choice because she gave up all the rights. I would predict a flood of made for tv type fare over the next few years all based on her books. Oh, and she is still gambling." [CDaN] 3) "Which young actress is heading off to rehab for the first time? This one will come as a surprise to many, because unlike others of her generation, she does not have a reputation for being a party girl. However, her addiction to prescription drugs has escalated beyond control. She has disappeared for days at a time, returned home with mysterious bruises, and bailed from auditions and meetings at the last minute. She finally and reluctantly agreed to go to rehab when she was caught stealing a prescription pad from her doctor’s office." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which celebrity is publicly photographed hanging all over her boyfriend, but is secretly seeing others on the side? Being part of a celebrity couple doubles her exposure, so she likes being photographed with and being interviewed about her current beau. The truth is that, despite her very public declarations of love, their relationship is not going well, so she flees into the arms of old boyfriends on a regular basis. One of them has nicknamed her “Tweety” because she Twitters him constantly during the day." [BlindGossip]

Which Relapsed Actress Melted Her BlackBerry With Drugs?

Richard Lawson · 11/17/08 09:29AM

Good morning and happy Monday, dear friends. I may or may not have had a few drinks with the author of Gossip Girl over the weekend, so you'll excuse me if I quietly explode on the ground. While I'm doing that, you can entertain yourselves with blind items about a relapsed actress, a too-grabby actor, and, yes, a secretly gay actor. Shock! 1) "Which recently rehabbed actress is still dabbling in the hard stuff? Whatever she put up her nose the other night was so toxic, it melted the Blackberry screen she was using to cut up her drugs." [NYDN] 2) "Which leading man's pervy behavior got out of line? On an upcoming episode of this drama series, he has a physically intimate scene with a female costar. The actor kept insisting that his sexual fondling of her wasn't quite perfect and demanded multiple takes. The female costar was furious over the pervert's actions, but kept her temper on set. However, she did call the producers into a closed door meeting afterward to read them the riot act. The show's scribes have since been instructed to cut her relationship with the lead short." [BlindGossip] 3) "Which Hollywood hunk has a secret boyfriend? The hoards of women vying for his attention will be blubbering into their hankies." [Mirror]

Which TV Series Has Secretly Been Canceled?

Richard Lawson · 11/14/08 10:39AM

Everyone thought that yesterday's secret tween heroin junkie was Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen. I think this is sad, but according to her makeup, it is also true. Today we have an actor who almost lost his house, a blind item about Beyonce Knowles, fake celebrity friends, and a secretly canceled show. 1) "It seems as if the housing crisis has hit just about everyone, even celebrities. This recently divorced B list actor on a hit network show lost most of his money in his divorce. After the divorce he bought a new place which he could barely afford even with his salary. Being single and available he was spending every night out and not saving a penny. When the writer strike came along he didn't have any money at all and all of the furniture he had been leasing was taken from him. He was living in a 5,000 square foot house with a tv and a chair. When his castmates heard about his plight and that his house was going to be foreclosed they took up a collection and raised enough to pay his mortgage for the next year. Fell good story huh? It is until you realize that he has been spending all their kindness money on trips to Vegas and going out, and just thinking that his next payday is right around the corner. We'll see." [CDaN] 2) "This Superstar Singer is on a roll. She has a big movie coming out and a hot new album. Despite her media hoopla, a lot of people are surprised that she did not offer condolences to a former co-star who has suffered a major tragedy." [BlindGossip] 3) "Which celebrity had more than her tummy tucked after having a baby? She also had a brow lift, an eye lift, some botox in the forehead, and some collagen in the lips. It's not a dramatic change, but when you see her, your first thought will be that she looks somehow, umm…different. She had such an interesting, distinct look before the surgery. Now she just looks generic." [BlindGossip] 4) "Girl 1 and Girl 2 have been friends for a long time. Girl 1 is clearly the more well-known and high profile of the two. While both have had their share of man troubles, Girl 1 has had extra press scrutiny in the past year based on some revelations about the demise of her relationship. Girl 2 has always been a good and supportive friend, and has always backed her pal both privately and publicly. Unfortunately, Girl 1 is not at all happy about the latter. In fact, she just told Girl 2 to "Shut the f*** up" and let her handle her own business with the press." [BlindGossip] 5) "Which TV drama series is going to go off the air without wrapping storylines or telling the viewers? The network is pretending that everything is fine. The stars continue to smile, and the network continues to promote the show. However, the schedule has been shuffled and show's writers have been told to clear out their offices." [BlindGossip]