Which Star Burned Her Boob with Her Meth Pipe?

Brian Moylan · 07/21/10 09:39AM

She had a meeting in the lady's room—with some crank. This celeb uses his son to score his mountains of coke, and this reality star has a gay husband. He's not on drugs though, which is nice.

Which Lost Actor Thought the Finale Sucked?

Brian Moylan · 05/24/10 09:36AM

Seems like even some of the castaways were confused by the ending. A male reality star paid to have his famous date enjoy some girl-on-girl action in public and a celebrity spawn is trying heroin. This is a gossip flash-sideways.

Which Oscar Nominee Is Currently MIA? · 03/07/10 03:18PM

Which Oscar nominee actor has gone completely off reservation? He's not returning his publicist, agent or manager's calls. He's refusing to do media appearances. There are fears he may bail on the ceremony tonight. "Last I heard," said one friend, "he was holed up in his room with some model."

Which Director Is Fond of Intimate Make-Up Sessions?

Ravi Somaiya · 03/06/10 02:14PM

Which epic movie director specializes in fucking make-up artists in his trailer on set? "He leaves the windows open so everyone can hear him," said one colleague. "It's the most macho bullshit." The stunt backfired on a recent movie set because his squeeze was married.

Which Blonde A-Lister Is a Cokehead?

Ravi Somaiya · 03/06/10 11:51AM

Which A-list actress has a habit of politely excusing herself for cocaine binges between interviews at press junkets? The actress, with lustrous blonde hair extensions, indulged so much at one recent event, the rest of the day had to be canceled because her extensions were falling out and her nose was bloody.

Blind-Item Guessing Game

Sheila · 09/11/08 04:02PM

Which well-known gay literary agent (and popular sperm donor to the ladies who need some) is famous in some circles for posting solicitations for his own "sperm donors" (and skiiers!) via Craigslist?

What Vogue "Super Model" Is Suing Over Nude Photos?

Hamilton Nolan · 09/03/08 02:14PM

Nude supermodel photo scandal lawsuit alert! An anonymous model has filed suit in Miami against and Splash photo agency for taking pictures of her sunbathing in her birthday suit (NAKED) in her own backyard—"as is often done by professional models to avoid tan lines." Invasion of privacy and emotional distress! But who is this mysterious, super-beautiful plaintiff? She helpfully includes several clues [UPDATE: the case may already be cracked!]:

Which Political Blogger Wants A Casual Encounter in Denver?

Pareene · 08/27/08 05:24PM

Hah. He's 40 (40-year-old blogger! sad!), 5'11", and "went to one of those selective East Coast schools." Always important when looking for anonymous tail in a strange town! Guesses? We honestly don't even want to hazard one. (If Doree's list is representative, Craigslist Denver seems to be crawling with dudes looking to "pleasure" those hot lady Obama voters.) [Craigslist via NYO]

Which Publisher Bedded Edwards' Mistress?

Pareene · 08/12/08 09:50AM

"Rush & Molloy" today ask: "What publisher and man-about-town may have had a liaison with Rielle Hunter, the woman who had an affair with John Edwards and a relationship with his pal Jay McInerney? He's told friends they were 'in bed for a week.'" That's a liaison? We call it a hangover (or a stay-cation!), but let's not split hairs. Who is it? Nick Denton? John Peter Zenger? Is Men's Health publisher Jack Essig a man-about-town? Actually how great would it be if it was Jared Kushner! In bed with a week with the acid-damaged Donna Rice. He's probably not her type, though. Former presidential candidate Steve Forbes would be a similarly amusing choice. Maybe it's Bob Guccione, Jr? After Ann Coulter and Candace Bushnell, we know he likes insane blondes. And they've got to make Rielle look low-maintenance, right? Wait, shit, it's Felix Dennis, isn't it?

Which Actor Picked Up the Tab for an Entire Restaurant?

Richard Lawson · 06/25/08 08:45AM

We've got several gay dudes today, one very generous actor, and thankfully no rape. Seriously though, there is probably at least one "which actor is gayyyyyy" blind item every day. Is Hollywood that homo, or are we just talking about the same few actors all the time? Decide for yourselves after the jump.

Which Actor Trolls The Web, Looking For Underage Thrills?

Richard Lawson · 06/09/08 08:58AM

It's so very hot. And sticky. And gross. Please don't make me type more than a few words about today's blind items. A lesbian pop star, a gay actor, a four-way casting couch, a cheating politician, and more are waiting for you after the jump. Enjoy. Please also leave donations for the Buy Richard an Air Conditioner Fund.

Molly Friedman · 03/07/08 02:46PM

One of the juicier blind items off the transom lately involves an A-list actress, a bold-faced female mag editor, and unkempt pubic hair. Asks the NY Daily News, "Which female A-lister's Sapphic relationship with a top editrix came to a crashing halt when the wordsmith saw her 'wildly' unkempt nether regions?" While memories of former Jane editor-in-chief Jane Pratt's claims that she dabbled in the Land of Lesbianism with Drew Barrymore delightfully resurface in our minds, Pratt is now a full-time radio chick. Recently departed Interview EIC Ingrid Sischy (not so delightfully) is another possibility, but somehow we can't see her gasping at the sight of an imperfect wax, considering her signature Bob Dylan-esque 'do. We leave it up to you, our faithful readers, to out the thwarted thespian in need of a pronto Brazilian in the comments. [NYDN]

From The Mailbag

Maggie · 01/04/08 03:48PM

"WHICH legendary american tv producer of late night comedy is been constantly seen walking back and forth at St Barth's Saline gay beach right around sundown?" Sic, sic, etc.