Watch the Final, Dying Moments of the Runaway Blimp

Sam Biddle · 10/29/15 12:19PM

We lost a hero yesterday. He didn’t talk much, nor did he work very hard. He was criticized from all directions. He was cold. He kept to himself. But before he died in rural Pennsylvania, he tasted freedom. R.I.P. Blimp. Here’s a video of your death.

Call 911 If You See This Huge-Ass Blimp on the Loose Today

Sam Biddle · 10/28/15 12:47PM

Here’s a metaphor: a remote-controlled, tremendously expensive, basically useless JLENS aerial surveillance blimp has detached from its tether at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. If you see it, call the authorities. Do NOT try to get it down yourself.

Blimps Are Back

Hamilton Nolan · 06/14/13 12:31PM

The first golden age of floating dirigibles ended on approximately May 6, 1937. The new golden age of blimpity bleep bloop blimps starts right now!

Blimp Ends Up in 94-Year-Old's Backyard

Max Read · 08/14/11 03:19PM

Lillian Bernhagen, a 94-year-old Ohio woman, was probably surprised when police knocked on her door on Sunday morning. But they weren't after her—just after the 128-foot-blimp in her backyard.

Women Wanna Talk All High-Pitched When They Think You're Fine

Hamilton Nolan · 06/17/11 03:59PM

Mercury planet! Rat memories! Gray hair! Cosmic blast! Killer lipids! Mind engagement! Cuban seas! Model blimps! And the real reason that women be squeakin! It's your Friday Science Watch, where we watch science—salaciously!

$8 million for blimp rides from Google HQ to Napa Valley

Jackson West · 05/09/08 05:00PM

With a parking space at the giant hangar on Moffett Field run by NASA, Airship Ventures plans to buy a blimp and run pleasure cruises from the Googleplex's back yard to Napa Valley's wine country. To that end, the startup has secured $8 million in funding from wealthy sorts, including lead investor Esther Dyson. Airship Ventures can surely count on the legions of local steampunk fetishists to keep the waiting list for seats well padded, not to mention corporate-expensed junkets from Valley tech companies. After the jump, video of a Tokyo flyover in one of the Zeppelin NT airships the startup will use. (Illustration by Martin Luechinger)