The Republican Of Bard College

Choire · 11/06/07 03:15PM

Bard College, the liberal arts school located 120 miles north in Annandale-on-Hudson, "puts the 'liberal' in 'liberal arts,'" according to the 'Princeton Review.' It has a 600-acre campus and nearly 1500 undergrads. This is their story—as told by a student who would like to be known as Stephan K. Some names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Divorce Is The New Marriage

Emily Gould · 10/30/07 01:10PM

A recent mass-emailed divorce announcement made Salon's Nora Zelevansky and her boyfriend "feel like intruders, as if we were guests at a wedding for anyone other than our dearest friends and family." But these emails, and the attendant divorce parties and ceremonies, are becoming de rigeur. "Some divorcees embrace announcements and parties as a way to put the word out on their own terms and with their own public spin," Nora writes, explaining that "Christine Gallagher, the Los Angeles author of 'The Divorce Party Planner,' agrees that 'The tone of the announcement can speak volumes about what happened, so that others don't feel it's an unmentionable subject.' Perhaps Robert Olen Butler, the recently-jilted author of a Pulitzer-winning book and also the craziest email we've ever seen, could have benefited from Christine's book! She also "believes a theme party is key to salving the soul."

Choire · 10/17/07 04:20PM

"The yet-to-actually-happen Supper Club New York (an exclusive group of posh partiers, not a place), has successfully seduced some 300 media and socialite types into becoming founding members." Noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker! Men's Vogue uber-prep Hud Morgan! Oh whenever will I get an invite to this, I'm just not going to be able to sleep until I too belong! [NYO]

Kansas City Is The New Greenpoint

Pareene · 10/17/07 10:30AM

If you're like us, all you know about Kansas City is that it was nuked by the Russians in 1983 (in some made-for-T.V. movie we saw on the SciFi channel the other night). But they've rebuilt! And they're having a renaissance! Creative types priced out of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Providence, Wilmington, and Columbus, Ohio are flocking to Missouri's largest city, leading some wags to call it "the 11th borough."